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    • Would you allow your child marry the child of an ex who jilted you?
      So your ex left you… After making you believe that you will be ‘together forever’,  they shattered your dreams. They told you they loved you, but dumped you like you were worth nothing to them. While it’s not easy to forgive a partner who jilted someone, what happens when you discover that your child is presently in a serious relationship with the child of  this ex of yours and that they are planning to get married soon? Will you allow them get married to each other? Here’s what our celebrities think. I will give them a grand wedding to annoy my ex – Buchi, Comedian Yes I will. I will even go on to make the wedding a glamorous one, so body go pepper my ex. Infact, in my ‘father of the day’ speech I will beg the child to be different and not be like the mother who lacked focus in life. My child will never marry his child – Dimplez, Singer For instance, if he duped me or did something I’ll live to remember then she’s never going to marry his son. But if it was just a normal break up or we agreed to go our separate ways due to circumstances beyond our control, I can allow her marry his child. I will, but my child has to be careful – Cathy Williams, Actress I will if they are truly in love. But I would let my child know about what happened between us and advise him/her to be careful because the apple does not fall far from the tree. It’s the will of God – Essence, Singer Yes, I will. As a personal rule, I do not operate in unforgiveness. It’s unprofitable to me. Besides, it obviously was the will of God since my child is going there. Their happiness is more important than vengeance – Halima Abubakar, Actress Yes! Why not? That’s his father’s sin not his. Their  happiness counts more to me than vengeance. As long as she’s treated  with love and respect, I’m good. Every disappointment is a blessing – Sandra Bassey, Model/Actress Why not? If that’s where my daughter’s heart and happiness is, then who am I to stop her? The joy of every mother is seeing her child happy. I can’t transfer the sin of the father on the son because I might just attract a curse from God. Just because the father jilted me doesn’t mean the son will do the same. Whatever transpired between the father of the boy and I has nothing to do with the two young loves. And come to think of it, if the boy’s father never jilted me, I probably wouldn’t have met the man who gave me the most precious gift of a daughter. Every disappointment is a blessing in disguise. But even if the guy does the same as his father, I believe it will make her stronger. If I could come out of it then she’ll definitely make it through the hurt, she’ll learn from her own mistakes. As long as the love is real, I’ll let it be – John Okafor aka Mr. Ibu, Actor Love covers a multitude of sins. If my daughter finds love anywhere and she’s happy in the relationship and I also discover that they are truly in love, I’ll let the love flourish. I won’t spoil their minds with whatever I went through with my ex. Moreover, this avails us an opportunity for lasting peace, good relationship and reconciliation. My child must look for someone else to marry… – Angel Christopher, Actress I would never allow my child to marry the child of my ex, even if we parted amicably,how much more getting married to the child of the one who jilted me, knowing that the same blood runs though their veins. Besides, I can’t imagine imagine visiting my ex as an in-law. Let him remain an ex and let my child look for someone else to marry, if he or she truly loves me as a mother. - NigeriaToday
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