MAPOLY HND student narrates how he was brutalised by the school security


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A student of the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta in Ogun State named John has narrated how he was brutalised without good cause in the hands of the institution’s security personnel.

He mentioned that this occurred without the standard interrogation procedure that law enforcement agents are expected to observe before taking a suspect in custody.MAPOLY-Student-John

Feeling unjustly treated, he said, “Here’s what happened. My name is John. On that fateful day, my group members for eed project and I went to  see our project  supervisor,

“After seeing him we headed to the bus shed where we get vehicles to convey us home,

“I saw a cab, as I  tried entering, I  was blocked by a student who came down from the same cab, I asked for the reason for the obstruction,  he said he was talking with the driver,

“I  advised him to go to the driver side to talk to him, he didn’t respond,

“His friend came out from the other side of the door and started using foul language on me, I got angry but I understood the implications of fighting in school,  so I ignored him. I was tired and I wanted to get home quickly; it’s always a struggle to get vehicles home in the evening.”

John continued by saying that he avoided his body by going under his arms in order to get into the cab, which led to further confrontation as the agitator in question directed threatening remarks at him.

This made him uncomfortable and subsequently got out of the cab to tell him that he would hold him responsible if anything bad happens to him.

“At that point he started moving closer to me, he was trying to put on a ring which I believe were charms because his friend had threatened  to hit my group members with charm, as he was getting very close I pushed him back,

“I never knew the school security were standing around that premises watching us the whole time and immediately they saw me push him, they didn’t ask me anything they descended on me, hitting me with guns and firewoods.”

He was then ordered to get into a vehicle that conveyed them to the campus’ security office, where the beating continued.

It was at the event of narrating his account of the incidence to administrative staff that they learnt that they had maltreated an innocent person.

“They were all quiet after I was done talking, they pleaded with me and asked me to forget all that had happened,

“They returned my phone that was seized initially and asked me to go.”

Questioning why the other individual who started the drama wasn’t arrested, he said, “I was wondering why they didn’t touch the guy who was obstructing my way into the cab,

“I got to find out that he’s one of them. They call themselves (security) OPC and the guy is a student OPC, that is why they didn’t touch him.”

This type of incident is quite common on campuses of higher institutions all over the country, as the security personnel have failed to understand that oppressive tactics is a big violation, with the authorities being un-seemingly quiet about the matter.

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