Protesting students block Ibadan/Abeokuta Road, Allege govt of insensitivity


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Scores of students of the Federal College of Agriculture, Moore Plantation, Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, yesterday barricaded the Ibadan-Abeokuta Expressway to protest alleged government insensitivity to their health.

Activities were paralysed at Apata in Ido Local Government Area as the students demanded the removal of the decomposing body of a woman.

The woman allegedly slumped last Saturday while waiting for a cab at the bus-stop very close to the college’s main gate.

The angry students said they were disappointed by the attitude of government officials.

They carried placards with inscriptions, such as “Ajimobi please save us from deadly disease”; ”Save us from lackadaisical attitude of our health officials” and “Tell them to remove this decomposed body, our health in danger”.

They alleged that despite several calls to officials of the local government and Ministry of Health, the officials have refused to show up.

The Student Union President, Monsuru Olayinka, yesterday reiterated the call for health officials to remove the body within 24 hours or face the students’ wrath.

The students took over the one lane expressway, causing a gridlock.

Some motorists and commercial motorcycle operators, who proved “stubborn”, were harassed.

Many workers remained in the gridlock for more than two hours; others were stranded at bus-stops.

There were no policemen on the scene, even though the Apata Police Station is less than 200 metres away.

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