Diary of a Sugar girl (Episode 1)


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Laying on my bed, counting the boxes of the ceiling of my small but well decorated room,

reminiscing about what happened the previous night, I flashed back to the previous day…

My parents were not at home. They traveled for a burial at our home town, leaving alone

myself and my twin brother.

Finally, we have the whole house alone to ourselves. Omofolarin my twin brother, fondly called

Folarin has always wanted to hang out with his friends overnight, clubbing and drinking… Guy things

while I on the other hand, wished I could just stay with my boyfriend and do all the

crazy stuffs with him. But now that I have the freedom, I’m out of the relationship.

Folarin bribed me with 5k and left me alone at home… WOW! my twinee na big boy oooo.

Anyways, home alone, so many thoughts started clouding my mind but all my thoughts

resulted into wanting to have s3x. I started missing those period when I had a boyfriend, thinking

about all the naughty things we did, the way we did them and where we did them.

Bayo is a very bad boy and most girls loves bad boys. It’s not surprising that when

we started dating, he was all over me and all we could always think of was s3x. I can remember a

time we had to go to the church toilet just to do it… it was that crazy. Ehnehn,

There was even a time we were really touching in the cinema, the girl sitted beside us

had to change her sit because I was making a hell of silly noise. Omo I miss the guy ooo

but guys will always remain guys. You can’t satisfy them. Back to my gist jaree…

Thinking about him made me so horny and didn’t know what to do. Bayo is the only guy in

my head so I decided to try my luck by calling him. I dialed his number. It rang the first time, I was

so nervous and I started praying that he shouldn’t pick up but he did. I told him I was

bored and asked if he can come over. He was at my door 30mins after the call. Seeing him after

3months of breakup, he just picked me up and we started kissing. Touching every part of my body,

I started apologizing for things I didn’t do. You know how it goes when someone takes you

to the moon naa. After the touching, the real game began and it was as if I’ve never done

it with him. Damn, I really miss this guy ooo. We had s3x for more than 3hours and it was superb.

He said he had to leave to do somethings and i said no problem.

I went out to get food, don’t like cooking when I’m alone. Came back around 6pm in the evening,

watch spy kid and went to bed.

Coming back to my conscious mind, I noticed it was 6:45am and my hand was in my panties.

I checked my phone and got a message from Bayo saying “I miss your big butt… lol” na him sabi jur.

This is a new day and I have to plan for it.


by: Olatunji Tiwatope                                                                                                                     tiwa.olatunji@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                           IG: tiwatopeola

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