Help me, I can’t stop having s3x

Admin pls i need an advice.

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I’m currently a spill over student in one of the Nigerian Universities and my G.P. is not up to 1 point. I was giving advice to withdraw when I got to 400level but with the help of my friend that knows some school top officials, I was reinstated into school.

Now all my friends have graduated except one who had school fees issue. I communicate well with people, making me have so many friends but now people are advising my friends to stop talking to me because they think I’m capable of spoiling their lives.

My weaknesses are guys and parties, i can’t just help it. Now they are threatening to send me out of school after I’ve slept with almost all the male lecturers in my department and my friend who can help me out has graduated but still I’ve not stopped sleeping with guys and partying. some people think its spiritual but i think its just an habit that has made me popular in a wrong way. I just love s3x and I don’t think I can stop.

Please help me.

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