7 ways to make your crush like you


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We all have this guy that we like so much and want to date but he doesn’t know or sometimes, he knows but something is stopping us from dating. I’ve once told a guy that I have a crush on him and he replied me sayingI like you but not enough to date you and I was likehello, you aren’t the only cute person here, I’m beautiful too. That gave me a reason to stop liking him but here are some ways to make him notice you and eventually like you.


Pretend you don’t like him

Don’t laugh at everything he says even when everybody is laughing, ignore it or simply smile in a smart way. Don’t act mean, just pretend not to care.


Don’t be all over him

Give him some breathing space. If you work in the same office with him, don’t always ask him for help. Try and avoid talking to him too much so that people around won’t notice, hereby, making him notice that lady that talks to everybody except him.


Always look nice

Always dress as if you are going to visit the king. It’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. The way you look says a lot about the kind of person you are and when he compliment your dressing, don’t gush over it. Act as if you hear that every time.


Show him little love

Let him know that you have an iota of love in you even if you paint a picture of not liking him, let him see love in your eyes even if you are not showing him directly. You can achieve that through the way you interact with everybody around you.


Let him see the best in you

Try out some extraordinary things like helping a colleague who really needs help. Every guy wants to be with a lady that has more in her than her perfect body. From the way she talks, interact with everybody and even help people.


Don’t be too forward

On the long run, when  you guys start getting along, try not to make the first move by telling him how you feel about him because you never can tell the kind of mentality the guy has. Some dude takes advantage of that, some appreciates it while others sees it as a normal phenomenon.  Its normal for you to get excited when your crush starts liking you but it’s advisable you stay cool because he might just want friendship.


Differentiate between friendship and relationship

Some ladies tend to confuse the two. If a guy is showing you extra care doesn’t mean he’s dating you. You can have s3x with a guy you are not dating. Don’t misunderstand the two.  If you sleep with a guy because of the little care he is showing you, without the agreement of a cordial relationship, then it’s just s3x, nothing more.

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