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First and foremost, s€x isn’t something that should be prolong but this part of the world that we are, sex is held sacred. Other developed countries see it as just having fun. Although, sex on the first date or last date doesn’t guarantee you that the guy will marry you, it has been like that and will always be like that.

If you go out on a date with a guy, and you guys were caught up in the moment, there is no big deal in doing it with him except from a problem which is- after the act, one of the partner is bound to like the other person more and most times, the lady is the one liking the guy more. This is the simple reason why people have come to a conclusion that guys are after s€x and after that, they are off.

Women are naturally emotional but guys are very emotional that is why they hide their feelings and not want their partners to notice it. After s€x, women want to be cuddled but guys want to sleep that alone makes women imagination run wide thinking the guy doesn’t like them or just wanted them for s€x.

I’ve heard some women talk about the ’90-days rule’, that is, waiting till after 90 days before sleeping with a guy, this will make you know if he loves you or not. Sweetheart, that gist is old. If a guy just wants to get down with you, he can wait for a whole year and that wouldn’t stop him from dumping you.

The best thing you can do is to identify what you want from a guy. If it is s€x, friendship or relationship. When you know what you want, things become easy because you identify what you want when you see it and when you don’t see it then he’s not ready to give you what you want.

I’ve overheard some guys saying “if a girl have s€x with me on a first date, that means she is cheap” another said “if I can sleep with her on a first date that means anybody can do that too” but they are forgetting the fact that so many other guys can do anything just for her to talk with them or reply their messages. No girl is cheap, even the prostitu€s are not cheap. Every guy has a price to pay to get down with a girl. If you are not paying with cash, you are paying in kind- your time inclusive and by the way, both parties are involved in the exercise, you both enjoyed it so she’s a direct replica of you.

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