Diary of a Sugar Girl (Episode 3)

After the 3rd round of the sinful act, I retired to my bed with him by my side. We slept for some hours before we got up to clean up.
We went out on a date like a normal couple and this made me like him more but he cheated, that can’t be erased from my mind. We went
to his place and his friends started calling me “iyawo waa” (our wife) guys can’t lie for Africa, Hmmmm. I smiled and sat gently on
the sofa acting like I don’t want anything to touch me. They offered me a drink and psyched me about how their friend usually talk
about me when I’m not there -‘hmm al na lie’. Anyway, I decided to leave but they kept on persuading me to stay and since I have
nothing to do at home, I decided to stay until something happened.
My phone rang, it was my twin brother. I picked the call and he said that he just wants to hear my voice and know that I’m okay. ‘
I’m fine naa as usual but your 5k has expired ooo, you have to gimme another 5k’ he said ‘don’t worry I will sort you out when we see’.
Immediately I dropped the call, we heard a knock on the door and the guys started asking each other if they were expecting a visitor.
Charles decided to open the door, when he did he shouted ‘yeepa’. Everyone was surprised, only for Bayo’s new girlfriend to come in
and started shouting. She said that she has been trailing him since two days ago and she has all the information of our sexual affairs.
Well, as a Lagos babe, I wasn’t concerned and I pretended not to listen to their conversation. Was just sipping my cold malt and eating
my cookies- abi what’s my own? The girl then pass her boundary. She dragged the malt from my hand and wanted to fight. I didn’t even say
a word before I gave her the beating of her life. While she was on the sofa crying and cursing, I just took the remaining malt, drank it
in a gulp and went out of the house. Bayo ran after me to beg but I told him to go back and never call me again.
While I was waiting for a cab @the junction of his street, a cool dude just packed in front of me. He rolled down his black Venza window
and asked if I needed a ride. ‘Of course I need a ride under this hot sun naa’ lol. He drove he home and we exchanged contacts. When my
twin brother came back, I gave him the new dude’s gist. He quickly carried out his research on him. Tobi is a UK returnee, came to set up
a business here and he might be spending some time in Nigeria before going back. Hmm, I have to play my cards well ooo to gain his attention.
Don’t worry, I will tell you what happened next.
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