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On my way to work this morning, I had to board a BRT bus to avoid all traffics. I saw a very pretty girl who is also well dressed, then I assume that she must be one of those educated young girls. To cut off my doubt, she is truly educated because she started talking about the employment situation in the country. When she started the discussion, well, her use of words and dictions were not too bad but when she started going deeper, I was embarrassed. I had to look at her face because her face and words were not corresponding. She said things like “if everybody can be ‘entrepreneurship’ things will be okay for Nigeria” she also said that “there is no job, there is no job but there is entrepreneurship people, what were they doing?” “me, I’m hair-dresser and bead- maker, they teach me in NYSC camp that time that I serve”.

That made me wonder what students are learning these days. We learn with English Language starting from the primary school, secondary and University and still some of us cannot express our thoughts well in the  Language.

English Language is a universal language and also Nigeria’s official language. All courses in this country are taught in English and it is used for communication so why shouldn’t you be able to use it fluently?  Although it is not our ‘mother’s tongue’ but as an educated person you are expected to use it well irrespective of the course you studied.

We see so many people that ‘form accent’ and when you take time to listen to them properly, you notice they are saying rubbish but because of their phonetics, we assume they are saying the right thing.

My advice to undergraduates and graduates is that we shouldn’t stop improving on our usage of English because it elevate self-esteem.

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