Diary of a Sugar Girl (episode 4)


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Within a twinkle of an eye, Tobi and I started getting along. We started growing in love and it looked as if we are made for each other, it made me started wondering where the heck he has been all dis while that I’ve been meeting crazy dudes like Bayo. I told him about my past and he accepted me for who I am. He told me he has a child with a white lady but they aren’t together because she is too saucy. Well, that’s not my business so far he is doing the right thing when it comes to my matter.

I graduated from the University 2years ago and I’ve been unable to secure a job but thanks to my new boo, he hooked me up with one of these communication companies and they treat me with so much respect because of the link I came in through and I started receiving 200k monthly. Tobi really transformed my life, he turned me into a confirm big girl and I became the talk of the town, everybody started famzing me.

On my birthday, he shocked me with surprises. He came to my office around 12pm, unknowingly to me, he already planned with my colleagues in the office. My boss called me to his office and said I have to go and see one of our clients so I have to travel to Abuja immediately. Before I could say anything, he said “hey, the driver is waiting for you outside, just go and don’t be late”. Well, I thought to myself that I didn’t have a choice I have to go.

On getting downstairs, I just saw my humble boyfriend with two of his staffs holding a cake each. I was about explaining what my boss said to him when he shhhhhh me. I turned back and saw all the staffs of the company where I work, including my boss smiling. I began to wonder what was happening when he brought out a car key and was still smiling. He gave me the key and said that it was my birthday gift. ‘Shocker of life’ lol… when I pressed the car remote, lo and behold, it was a Toyota Camry 2.4 also known as “big daddy”. Immediately, I had different kind of moods. I was happy, sad, laughing, crying and hor*y at the same time. I couldn’t talk so I just had to hug him. I started thanking him when I regained my senses. My boss gave me the permission to go home but trust me naaa I didn’t go home. I went to his house and we started having s€x in the car before we got home. I gave him a mad blow job while he was driving and when we got home we tried every crazy thing that has been banging in our heads. I acted as a porn star, well it’s just to show my appreciation.

I had to sleep at his place that very night until something happened and that spoilt all my happy mood. His phone rang while he was asleep and the name of the contact was “wifey”. I thought I was dreaming but it was really happening…

I will continue my gist later.

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