Indecent Dressing Among Females.


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The rate at which females are indecently dressed in Universities these days is a thing of concern. Some of them dress that way because they feel comfortable with their “almost naked clothes” but they tend to forget that sometimes, its not all about them- the male folks that see them and are tempted and even some ladies are oppressed because all the attentions will be drifted from the well dressed ladies to the naked ones so we should consider these factors. I’ve seen students that are dressed like porn stars to the lecture room and its still these set of students that will carry rumors of how one lecturer is harassing and failing them because they refuse to sleep with them. If you know  you are not interested in that, why dress as if you are?

I think its better if we are frank. Its every girls dream to be sexily dressed and when you get into a place, everyone turns back and be like “wow, who’s that chick”   but we tend to forget that been sexy isn’t for all occasions. You can have the wow look when going for lectures. You don’t have to be naked to get attention because doing that, you are putting a stain on every other girl. That’s what give those ugly old men the chance to talk to any young girl because of the way they are dressed.

If you are clubbing or having a party, you can dress anyhow so far the party isn’t official. No one will judge you if you are almost naked to the club, well, it’s your body, its your asset so you can showcase it there but when  going to a school, office or even church, try to cover the important part of your body and stop making men sin against God because it’s not only when a man sleeps with you that he has committed fornication. He can do that mere looking at you.

In conclusion, ladies, please dress well and let moderation be your watch word. Even if you want to get naked to the club, do it with your brain because how you dress determine who you are and who approaches you. Be that woman that kills the guys with her dressing with getting naked.

Peace Out.

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