Tale Of A Pregnant woman Part 1


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Damola Bellos has been my long time lover. We started dating while I was in 200level in the University, he was in his finals and was rounding up his project when we started our relationship. Before I met him, I had had some relationship that went down the drain. My friends actually advised me not to date him because they thought he was going to use and dump me but thank God I didn’t listen to them. We got married 6years after we met and since we got married, we have never spent a day apart. Now I’m pregnant with our first child, things began to change.

I work in an I.T firm while Damola is a branch manager of one of Sky Bank’s branches. On one particular Sunday, I just started puking when we got back from church. We actually branched at one eatery and I ate my favourite, Yamarita, so, when I started puking, my husband and I thought the Yamarita I took wasn’t prepared well, due to that fact, it irritated me. Damola cleaned me up and carried me to the bed because I was too tired to walk. I slept till 12:11am. When I woke up, I went downstairs and saw my husband in the sitting room watching Africa Magic. I called him “baby, I’m hungry” he replied “what will you like to eat?” I said “pounded yam and ogbona soup with little bitter leaf” he looked up in surprise and started laughing “where on earth will I see that at this time of the night?” I said “can’t we just cook it nii,  abi?” he then said “it’s like you are not hungry ooo you better go and take cornflakes” his reply almost made me cry. I left him angrily and went to the room. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t so I just had to go back to the kitchen for the cornflakes.

I woke up earlier than I used to because I didn’t sleep well. Damola apologized and we made up before we left home. He dropped me at work and kissed me good bye. When I entered into my office premises, I saw one of my junior colleague who greeted me and said “Mrs Bellos you are getting fatter oo”. I gave her a fake smile and when I got to my office, I said to myself “that girl must be blind to tell me that I’m getting fatter because I’m still lepa ooo”.

I didn’t know what happened to me, all I know was that I went downstairs for lunch and when I came back, I was about greeting a customer when I fell down. Opening my eyes, was my husband beside me in the company’s hospital. I was surprised so I asked my husband what happened. He was just smiling. This got me wondering why would my husband be smiling while I’m on the sick bed, before he then managed to say that “baby, we are pregnant” I asked him with my soprano voice that “how can we be pregnant?” he replied “you are pregnant and you are part of me so that makes it both of us”. He gave me a kiss on my head and said that the doctor would discharge me soon…

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