4 UNILAG Students Arrested By Deceased Parents.


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Parents of a University of Lagos (UNILAG) student who was allegedly forced to rink insecticide, have reportedly arrested some students.

4 UNILAG students detained illegally and falsely accused of murder.

In the early hours of today I got a call from an alumni of UNILAG, who happens to be the chairman of the graduate forum of the cherubim and seraphim students fellowship (aka Unification) that four (4) exco members of the fellowship had been placed under arrest illegally at the IFO police station after paying a condolence visit to the parent of a deceased students of UNILAG who passed on, on Sunday 20th March 2016. At Biobaku Hall UNILAG. Information has it that he was forced to drink an insecticide by some set of cult members before he passed on and has since been buried immediately by his parents.

The issue now is why would the parent of the deceased place his fellowship members on arrest for paying a condolence visit?

To worsen the case SAS members has been sent to IFO police station from UNILAG claiming that the case is a murder case.

How do we stop this ugly situation?

Fellow Nigerians kindly assist to forward this information till it gets to the Authorities in charge.

The names of the students are:

1. Awe-obe Raphael Department of Law (President of the fellowship)

2. Iwerima jacob (Secretary of the fellowship)

3. Aramowo stephen (Member)

4. Adeboye timothy (Exco member)

This message is being circulated among UNILAG students.

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