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There are some things you shouldn’t do as a guy, stop it, ladies don’t like it. People think it’s only ladies that should be conscious of what they do – how about our guys? As a lady, there are some attitudes that a guy will put up that will piss  me off. Some of those things are;

Don’t talk too much

Some guys don’t know when to stop talking. They basically say anything, anyhow. It’s good to be outspoken but you should also be reserved too. As a matured man, you should learn how to keep some things to yourself. Don’t share them with anybody not your girlfriend, your friends or even your brothers. Keep them. Saying them isn’t necessary.

Learn how to respect ladies

This is very important. The way you treat a lady is the reflection of how you were brought up. Don’t treat ladies anyhow because you’ve had a bad experience with 1 out of millions ladies. No matter what you are going through, how you are going through it, or who is hurting you, try and keep calm when it comes to ladies matter.

I’ve heard a lot of guys say ” I gave my ex 500k to start a business and she ended up leaving me for another guy”. My dear, no one forced you to give her the money. You had it that was why you gave it out.

Learn how to dress well and be neat

No one wants to roll with a  guy who can’t dress well, or a dirty dude. Some guys have smelly mouth sef. Why waste all your money on drinks and flexing instead of investing it in good tooth brushes and mouth wash.  No lady wants to sit with a guy that has a smelly armpit or has enough hair under his arm. Please guys be neat. It’s good for you personally. Stop wearing a short for a week straight. Abeg pity yourself.

Build your self-esteem

Trust me, no girl likes a guy who is scared- fear fear baby. You have to be confident in yourself with or without money. Be bold. Give your girl a sense of protection. Be frank with what you say and don’t change your words in front of people. Always raise your head high.

Finally, guys please if you know that you are not interested in a lady, don’t be too close to her. I’ve heard a lot of complains recently from ladies. I had a chat with a lady and she gave me her experience, she said “he calls me every time and we talk about everything, I thought he liked me so I started developing feelings for him. He acts like the boyfriend I don’t have and he knows my every move. The feelings I have for him was getting too much so I had to open up to him but when I did, he told me he didn’t like me that way, that we are friends and we will remain friends. That broke my heart”

That made me wonder, when you know that you are not interested, why did you make her feel so warm in the heart? Why do you act like her boyfriend?  The Yorubas will say “e re kilaja ba ekun shey” meaning “what kind of friendship is between a dog and a lion”.Guys abeg ooo, enough of this heart torture.

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