Tale Of A Pregnant Woman (Part 2)


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I  was discharged the following day, so I had to take the week off, “thank God I really needed the break”. My husband didn’t go to work on Tuesday, just to stay with me so that was the only fun part of it. I ate a lot and acted lazy throughout the day. My husband cooked for me and we also did ‘couple things’, lol. On that particular day, I ate more than 7times and when my husband complained, I told him that “you can’t blame me, it’s our baby that is eating the food”. We laughed at it, then he asked me that what if I didn’t know that I was pregnant, would I still be eating that way? I replied him “my diet hasn’t changed ooo, is it not the same way I’ve been eating since we got married?” he just laughed.

The following morning, my husband had to go to work, he gave me some extra cash and told me to take care of myself. I thought to myself that today can’t be boring because I have enough movies to watch and plenty food. At 8:45am, I went back to bed, at first, I was playing ‘Zuma’ game on my phone before I slept off. I had a dream that I was eating ‘suya and milk shake’. I woke up with the urge to take suya. On a normal day, I don’t take suya but I was so hungry for suya and they  only sell  it at night. I checked it time, it was still 9:19am. I had to call my husband and told him what I felt like eating, he then advised me to go out and buy any other thing because it’s not possible for me to get suya in the morning. I reluctantly took my bathe, dressed up, get the car key and drove out of the compound without having a place in mind to go.

I barely passed 3 streets before I saw a woman selling ‘ewa- agoyin’ and yam. I became instantly hungry. I had to pack beside the woman, bought a take away pack and told her to sell #100 beans, #100 yam and #200 meat. I started eating in my car immediately I paid and when I finished, I couldn’t drive so I had to lock myself in the car, move the car seat to the back and slept off with the car AC on. I woke up in the afternoon around 12:41 and decided to go home but by then I was getting hungry again so I decided to drive forward a bit maybe I can buy something before going back home.

Immediately I adjusted the car seat and was getting ready to drive, I saw one buka across the road with many people in it. I wanted to take my eyes off until one amala in a man’s plate attracted me. I had to re-park the car and hurriedly cross the road to the buka. The owner of the place noticed the way I was looking at the soup pot as if I was about stealing it, then she told her attendance to answer me on time which they did. I told her to gimme 3 wraps of amala with gbegiri (beans soup) and ewedu and she should put 5 meats and 5 ponmo which she did. I sat in the shop and finished the food sweating like I’ve been working since. when I finished the first round, I asked for another round and told her to sell it exactly the same way she sold the former one. I was about finishing the food when my husband called. I picked the call and spoke with him with  a full mouth. I told him to come back early with enough suya. I drank two bottles of water and had to rest for about 20 minutes before standing up.

I felt the satisfaction when I stood up to leave. I asked the lady for my bills and she told me #2,800. Imagine I ate #2,800 food on a sitting, hmm, it’s the baby not me but come to think of it, I still feel normal oo as if I’m not pregnant. well, I got to the car and I just had to turn back to go home before I see something else that will entice me. I was already feeling sleepy before I got home so immediately I entered the house, I took off my clothes and slept off on the floor…

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