Tale Of A Pregnant Woman (Part 3)


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Around 6pm, I woke up and saw my husband looking at me. That scared me to death “baby, why are you looking at me that way and when did you come in?” I asked, he replied “I thought something bad has happened to you, I called you more than 20times but you didn’t pick up. I was scared and had to rush home just to get here and see you sleeping”. I didn’t know what to say because I actually left my phone in the car. “baby, I was too tired, no vex”. He made me promise not to do that again which I did. Since I didn’t make dinner, we had to go out again to get food.

Fast forward to 5months later.

Now I’m big, darker than my normal self, my clothes no longer size me and the most annoying thing is that I can wear my heels again. I get angry, tired, hungry, disgusted easily even my husband complains about my nagging. I eat anything and every thing, even food I don’t eat before, I started eating them just like a glutton.

On a particular Wednesday, I was about dressing for work. I already planned on what to wear the previous day, only for me to try the cloth on and it’s no longer my size. I sat down and started crying as if something bad just happened. My husband came into the room, saw me crying and asked why I was crying. I told him that none of my clothes size me again. He patted my back and told me not to worry that he’s going to change my wardrobe on Saturday. Well, I felt relieved a bit, now, deciding what to wear is the issue. As soon as I began thinking about what to wear, my eyes went to the cloth I used for my traditional wedding. I thought to myself “yes, I can wear it, at least I’ve only worn it only once”. I wore the iro and buba, brushed my hair and went to the sitting room to meet my husband who I’ve been delaying. Immediately he saw me, he laughed and said “baby it’s nice, pls lets be on our way” well, no compliment, anyway, he dropped me off at work and left.

My boss was the first person to see me “iya ibeji, is this what the twins told you to wear today?” I gave a fake smile and told her that none of my clothes are sizing me again. She just laughed and went into her office. Other staffs saw me and they said different things just to make gest of me. Some even said that he pregnancy made me lazy, another person said that I was going to give birth to a set of twins. ell, I had mood swing, so I didn’t reply them. I wonder why I go the office because all I do is to eat, sleep and talk. Thank God I have good people around me sha…

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