I’m In Love With My Lecturer, Please Advice Me


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I’m a 300level student in a Nigeria University, I’m 22 years old but I’m married to one of the best man on earth. We have been married for a year and we have decided to put child bearing on hold for till I graduate. I’m a good Christian and my problem started when my husband told me that we can only be doing the missionary style when making love but I’ve heard of other interesting styles. There was a day I went to my lecturer’s office. He wasn’t asking me out but we talked about some personal stuffs and that led to us talking about his styles during love making. He described them well and made me wish my husband could do those things with me. From my responds, he knew I didn’t know a lot about it. We closed that issue but when I got to my room that day, I was just thinking about it and instead of imagining it with my husband, I started thinking about my lecturer. I went back to his office the following day and when he tried to kiss me, I didn’t resist him. We had s€x and we have been  doing it till this moment. Now whenever I go home and my husband tries to touch me, I avoid him. I’ve tried to stop seeing my lecturer but I can’t because I think I’m in love with him. I don’t want to loose my husband because he is a good man but I’m still in love with my lecturer. I don’t know what to do. Please advice me. Thanks

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