My Boyfriend Is A Yahooboy Who Loves S€x, Please Advice Me


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I live with my boyfriend in school and I perform all these wifey duties for him. I cook before going for lecture and also cook when I come back from school. My boyfriend is a yahoo boy so he doesn’t go for classes regularly so I meet him at home most times. My problem now is that he loves s€x  and even when I’m having my monthly period he will still want to do it.  Right now I’m at my friend’s house because he hit an iron bucket on my head because I refused him s€x due to my monthly flow. He was still the one that took me to the hospital and they had to stich the wound. Before he took me to the hospital, he slept with me with my head bleeding and tears all over my face. He has been begging me since then, telling me how much he loves me and begging everybody around me. My friends told me not to accept him back but I love him so much and this is his first time of laying his hand on me. I don’t know what to do. Please advice me.

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