Tale Of A Pregnant Woman( Final Part)


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I’m in my 8th  month now and  heavier than I’ve ever been. My husband is now used to my present annoying situation but he’s always trying to be calm because the doctor already told him to be calm with me. By now, I already know the sex of my baby, I’ve given her a name and I’m anticipating her home coming.

This period was the most stressful part because I became more emotional than practical. I cry whenever the sun shines too much, I cry whenever it rains too much too. I give my husband unnecessary stress and he gets frustrated at times but he doesn’t take out his anger on me. He’s always trying to be calm and again, I had to stop going to work (maternity leave) because I get sick after every little stress.

One early morning, around 2am, I woke my husband and told him I was hungry and I wanted to eat ‘ikokore’ an Ijebu food. He looked at me as if I was insane. He picked his phone and called my mum and told her what I requested for, she just started laughing and told us to come to her place the following day. I managed to sleep, woke up 7am, got dressed and hopped into the car. My husband decided we branch at his sister’s place before we proceeded to my mum’s place.

On getting to his sister’s place, we met her feeding her son noodles and titus fish. That made me so hungry and all I could concentrate on was the food. I was salivating and was spiritually eating  the food, lol. My sister-in-law noticed what I was doing so she asked if I was hungry and would like to eat noodles. I didn’t let her finish asking before I said yes. She told her maid to prepare the noodles for me and when she brought it, I finished it almost immediately she brought it.

After the meal, we proceeded to my mum’s place. She welcomed us well and said that she already prepared the food. My husband was about telling her that I had eating on my way when I cut in and said ” I’m very hungry mummy”. He gave me this ‘ what the fcuk look’ lol, who cares? apparently, nobody. I ate 2 plates of the food and also took some home.

A week after that, I slept earlier than usual and started feeling pains in my tummy and that woke me up and it was late at night. My husband rushed me to the hospital and the doctor said that I was due to give birth and my husband has to be in the labour room with me. I gave birth at exactly 2:25am. My husband was covered in sweat as if he was the one who went through the labour. I think our men should stay more in the labour room to value thee women more.

Now I’m back to my normal life with the joy of motherhood. Oluwashindara Brianna is the name of the pretty girl I gave birth to. I think my husband and I are going to take a break for the main  time before adding another baby to the family.

Thanks for reading.

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