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Hmmm, see me see wahala ooo.

On my way to the office this morning, since I don’t have a car and I can’t be taking taxi everyday and most especially I’ve not been paid my salary, I decided to trek down to the bus stop and take danfo. While I was trekking, an ash colour Range Rover sport just splashed yamayama water all over my body, then the car slowed down and the driver rolled down the window glass of the car. I was like ‘is this one blind abi what kind of imbecile would splash water all over me this early morning?” The owner of the car just got down from the owner’s corner and apologized. Well the man’s charming look and voice made me forget my anger in a rush. He told me to come in that he was going to change my cloth ‘what is this one feeling like?’

Well, I wanted to get to work late, so that was the perfect excuse I needed. I hopped into the car, the driver apologized again and drove off. On the way, the man and I started talking. His name is Charles and he is a bank manger, well, good one. He took me to the boutique at Orientals Hotel and told me to pick anything I want. As a  good Lagos christian that I am, I asked if he really meant the “take everything”, he repeated it and that gave me the assurance I needed. I didn’t want to act greedy, so I bought just 250k worth of clothes, shoes and bags, I’m expensive naa, lol.

He begged to drop me off at work and started telling me sick stories of how beautiful I am and gosh the dude has a ring on his finger. Well, I directed him to my friend’s place of work and his driver parked outside the gate. He gave me his card and told me to call him when I leave work. I agreed to do that but he gave me the shocker of life when he gave me 500k cash for wasting my time and I should get recharge card out of it to call him out of it. ‘Damn, this dude is rich oooo’  well, I don’t do married men. I thanked him and told the driver to open the trunk of the car which he did. I got down and packed all my new stuffs .

I watched him zoom off before turning back to go to my office. I took a cab and felt like a big madam when I got to the office. I dropped those stuffs at the gate man’s room and went to my office. My co-workers sensed how happy I was but no one dared to ask. I over heard one of them saying “maybe she slept at her boyfriend’s place last night and he gave it to her well” na them sabi. During lunch, I called Domino pizza and ordered pizza for everybody in the office.

Now the day is over, I got home and thought about everything that happened, so I decided to send that man a message with one of my lines that I’ve abandoned. In the message I wrote “good evening sir, I’m that lady you picked up earlier today and I just thought I should thank you for the gift and money but I can’t date you and I won’t call you”. Almost immediately I sent that he replied with “you are very stupid”. “haha, stupid ke, well na you sabi at least I didn’t beg you before you sent me the money, rubbish” lol.

So I want to ask now ooo, did I do anything wrong?

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