Half Of A Yellow Moon (Episode1)


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My name is Amaka, I’m 24 years old and I will like to share my relationship life experience with you so that you can learn from it and not make the same mistakes I made. In case you are in a mess already, don’t worry you will get through it, that is if you really want to get through it.

I gained admission into the University at the age of 16 but due to my lovely stature, you won’t know I was that young. I met a Delta guy who was 30 years old and because of the rate at which he showed me care and love, I fell in love with him. Osas didn’t want to touch me because I was a virgin. He takes care of me like he takes care of his eyes and I enjoyed so much attention from him.

My 100 level days was going  well until I met a guy of the same age with me, who also has a seductive tongue like that of the devil. At first, we were just friends until one cold night, something happened. Chima and I were so used to each other that we sleep on the same bed and nothing happens but things turned around on this particular day. He touched me and I didn’t tell him to stop, before I knew what was happening, I felt a burning pain under-nit. Girl, you have just been dis-flowered. I ran out of his room and went to mine because we stay close to each other.

#lesson 1; Don’t keep a guy as your best friend because you never can tell what will come out of it.

I wasn’t remorseful about it because I enjoyed it but almost immediately after I got to my room, Chima called me to apologize. I told him not to worry about that, then he said goodnight. Of course I couldn’t sleep that night because of the new experience I just had and guess what I wanted more.

My relationship with Osas remained the same apart from the fact that I started disturbing him to let us see. He hearken to my request and when we saw, I made him sleep with me. We did it twice but I wasn’t satisfied and I couldn’t tell him because he would wonder what has gotten over me.

When I got back to school, the first thing I did was to go to Chima’s room and we did it till I was satisfied….

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