Help I’ve Been Sleeping With My BF’s Brother

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Please help me, I am 26 and my wedding is taking place by June. I have done my introduction but my problem is  that I’ve been sleeping with my boyfriend’s younger brother. It started this way.

I went to my boyfriend’s house one day while he was at work because I have my personal key to his house, I decided not to tell him. On getting to his house, I striped myself and went to the kitchen to cook. About an hour later, I heard the door open so I assume it was my boyfriend then I decided to play a prank on him. I hid myself behind the kitchen door and waited for him to go to the room but I didn’t hear the room door open instead, it was it visitor’s door that was opened.

After 5mins, I went into the room to meet him. On getting there, I met my ‘supposed brother-in-law’ naked in the room, just coming out of the bathroom, making both of us naked. Damn he is 3times bigger than my boyfriend and I couldn’t help it, before I knew what was happening, we were both on bed panting after 2 rounds.

I got up and went to my boyfriend’s room and waited for him to come back. Since then, I’ve been sleeping with him and whenever I try to stop him, he threatens to tell my boyfriend and the whole family. I love my boyfriend so much and I don’t want to loose him. Our wedding is coming up by June and I still don’t know what to do. I’m so ashamed of myself.

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