Make The First Move


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Let me ask a quick question;

If you enter a club and you see a charming, expensive looking guy, drinking with his friends and you want him to notice you, what will you do?

Well, I asked some ladies and I got different answers but the one that caught my attention the most is;

“I will sit at an angle I’m sure he’s going to see me and make sure that when he looks up, we are making eye contacts. I will give him an indifferent look till he’s forced to come over and talk”.

Well, it’s not a big deal if a lady makes the first move. Some ladies are blunt and they will just go straight to the point while some will flag their green light but either way, the guy in question matters a lot. Some dudes just can’t handle situations like this, they think it’s too embarrassing for a girl to ask them out.

Wait ooo, don’t women have the same right has men? or why can a guy ask a girl out and a girl can’t ask a guy out? The main thing is the relationship not minding who is doing the toasting. If a guy makes you feel bad because you told him what you feel for him, then you shouldn’t be with a dude like that. For me, if I tell you I like you and you take me for a joke, I will delete you off my head instantly.

I want to give ladies this simple advice,

Maybe we should stop being blunt about this issue. I think we should show it instead of saying it. Show him that you like him and you care and you don’t mind dating him. A guy with understanding will understand that you like him and he can think about it and decide if he’s going to give it a trial.

Make the first move today…

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