Half Of A Yellow Moon (Episode2)


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It was as if my sexual urge was insatiable. All I wanted was s+x and and I could go extra mile to get it. Chima has a girlfriend so I can’t always have him. Anytime I needed s+x and there was no one to give me, I would do it with any random guy I see around. I lost control of myself and whenever I see Chima, I’m always wanting to do it with him because he was so good at it and he was the first.

Chima’s babe noticed that the both of us weren’t just friends, she suspected that we were dating. That caused a lot of trouble so Chima had to relocate and we stopped seeing for 2years. During the period when we stopped talking, I met different guys and I slept with them all. The first guy I met, I slept with him almost immediately he asked me out, the guy didn’t even stop there, he planned with his friend, his friend and I hooked up a week after I met him and we had s+x all through the night and the agreement was never to see again but we  are students, we still saw but  we stopped talking after the one-night-stand.

I moved on to another set of guys. I slept with 9 out of 13 friends. You are surprise? Don’t be. I started with one of them. We started  secretly so I got tired of him and decided to leave him. A day after I left him, I fell sick so one of those guys took care of me in a very loving way and I didn’t know how to say thank you, so I decided to say thank you with my body. The third one invited me over to his house and I innocently went not knowing that he had his hidden motives. Well, since I was up to the task I slept with him a couple of time and left him as usual.

Anyway, during this period, I was still seeing my real boyfriend. One day I got pregnant for one of my numerous guys, wasn’t even sure of the owner of the pregnancy, so I called my boyfriend and told him I was pregnant for him. The last time I saw him was  7weeks ago and I was 6weeks pregnant. He knew the pregnancy wasn’t his and since I told him I wanted an abortion because I didn’t want to be a mother then, he accepted and we aborted it.

I kept on sleeping with those 9 friends till everybody knew about it so I decided to stop talking to them, that was when i met a super cool, brilliant, broke dude. I never needed his money because I had a wealthy boyfriend, all I needed was s+x and love  which he tried his best in giving to me. He practically worshiped me, of course, it was because I give him my money and my body…

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