Half Of A Yellow Moon (Episode 3)


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Anyways, I tried to love him and I gave him the best I could, coupled with the fact that he was very helpful  with school works but the relationship still didn’t work out.  On one particular day, I went out with my female friends without telling him and I got back very late at night. He was so angry and he played a stupid game with me. He said he was no longer interested in the relationship. He was expecting me to beg but I didn’t, so I walked out of his house. The following day when he came back to his senses, he apologized but I never accepted him back. His friends, families and neighbors begged on his behalf but I never accepted him back.

Moving on to the next guy on line was so sweet. I met Tayo 3days after I broke up with him. Tayo was all those ‘wizkid guys’ lol, you know naa. He had a car, skip classes, sags, so cute and has a little cash. I liked him instantly and slept at his place on the first date. I almost forgot, he was also  great at love making, I think I have that luck ooo because all the guys I met had huge stuffs under… It was never a serious thing because the guy was immature   and was also a junkie so I just tried to enjoy the moment while it lasted. He introduced me to his mum and we did crazy things in their house.We  almost mistook what we had for love.

While I was dating him, my constant boyfriend was still there oo so I still occasionally  leave school to see him in Lagos. He sends me money regularly and still calls me his baby and also knew I was cheating on him. My relationship with Tayo barely lasted for 4months and during these months, I aborted twice for him, don’t be surprised, I’m so fertile. Well, I left him because he was too aggressive. A night before I broke up with him,he beat the hell out of me because a guy called me at night. Who does that? Anyway, I left him and decided to stay single for a while but been single never stopped me from having s+x with random guys…

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