My Friend Is Obsessed With Our Lecturer

Please I’m trying to advice a friend so I need you guys advice.

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My best friend  has a crush on one of our lecturers who is also a  professor. The man is so handsome even with his old age. He is smart, lanky, funny and cool. My friend has been crushing on him since we were in 100 level. I though she would get over her lust for him but I think it’s getting out of hand now.

She confessed to me that she can do anything me get into that man’s bed and also keep him. She doesn’t have a boy friend and she set a high standard for all the guys that comes to her because she is looking for a guy that would look like that man, in looks and character.

She is so obsessed with him that she has the man painting in her room. I’m trying to advice her but I don’t know how to go about it.

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