Reacting To Your Carry-Overs


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As students, how we react to our carry-overs matters a lot. Some of us don’t see it as a normal thing while others sees it as a bad omen.

While I was in school, I was lucky not to have carry-overs till my final year.  Don’t be surprised I said lucky. I’ve always been scared of carry-overs so I put in all my best in other for me not to repeat a course. 400level 1st semester was big, stressful and it also taught me some lessons I think you should know about. I had 39 in one of my core courses and in the school where I graduated from, even when you have 39 and half, you will have to repeat it. I was never a dullard but I was heart- broken, knowing well that I wouldn’t be able to graduate with my mates was enough trauma for me.

I bucked up and made up my mind to retake the course. I was a bit relived when I found out that I wasn’t the only one that has to re-take the course but something happened. Some of us that were supposed to re-take the course didn’t take it because they thought the department was going to wave the course since it was a mass failure but the HOD said that wasn’t going to happen. One of us who was a pastor, shook my faith. He made me feel like an unbeliever. He said that he knows the kind of God he serves, so he wasn’t going to re-write the course because they would wave it.

Well, despite all I heard, I hustled for half of my school fees and paid because my dad wasn’t going to pay a dine. I summoned up courage and went for classes with my juniors,  wrote  the exam and gave it my best. I had 79 in the course and finally graduated.

My mates who didn’t write it, including the pastor, came back the following year, making it 2 years after we graduated, to write the course.

It’s good to have faith but God didn’t tell us to fail. He can only help if we had read well and put in all our best.

If you failed once, it doesn’t mean you will keep failing only if you didn’t make amends. Don’t blame anyone for your failure and look out for things you didn’t do right before. Apply those things, pray and work hard.

I hope I’ve encouraged someone today.

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