Half Of A Yellow Moon (Episode 4)


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Hmmm, I decided to get serious with my real boyfriend, Osas but by the time I got serious, it was too late, he already started seeing someone else. He still showed me care and calls me baby sometimes but he stopped calling me and we only see when he wants s+x. I really felt bad with the new development but I couldn’t do anything. I tried to be a good girl and worked on my s+x urge. I really tried in keeping my body but I still had loop holes. Osas really frustrated me but I couldn’t shut him out because he was the only guy I had.

I kept on managing Osas and sometimes when his girlfriend is around, he won’t pick my calls. That was when I realized how much I loved him. On some cold nights, I would start to recall how beautiful our love used to be. I started regretting my actions but what can I do? nothing. Thank God we still see once in a while, majorly when he needs me and that was the only time I tend to get money from him.

While all these was happening, I met a married man. Initially, he was dating my friend’s school daughter but when he saw me on my friend’s phone, he liked me, collected my number and started calling. It sounded weird at first but since he was ready to take care of me, I succumbed. The man was in his early fifties but still had the strength of a youth on bed.

He had a wife, 4 kids, a regular girlfriend, numerous side chicks and I. That was never a problem until his regular girlfriend started calling me as if I wanted to completely snatch her sugar daddy. Trust me, I didn’t really like the man but because I was getting broke, I had to date him.

The man was planning to marry me so I played along like I liked him that much. His girlfriend kept on calling me, sending different people to me, made me fight my friend who introduced me to the man, fabricated so many lies against me, brought out my fake nude pictures. All these made me get tired of the man but the man liked me and didn’t want me to leave.

We had s+x a couple of times, he gave me so much money and lodged me in one of the most expensive hotels in Lagos because that was the only place we could enjoy our privacy. I enjoyed those parts but he was too bossy. He never wanted me to have a boyfriend and I should always accept what he says and that was never possible…

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