The Father Of My Baby Is A Rapist


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I’m a 300 level student in a state University. I am also a good Christian and before I gained admission into the University, I promised myself that I won’t have a boyfriend so that I would be able to concentrate well in school and also to curb the evil vibes like fornication. Every guy that asked me out in school has always been turned down by me because I was still a virgin and I intended to keep it till my wedding night.

Sometimes last month, on my way to church for a vigil, I saw 4 guys in the dark. I was scared, I thought of running away but I summoned courage and continue going. One of them called my name and I was surprised they knew my name but I couldn’t see their faces. I didn’t stop so they stood up and surrounded me. One of them then said that ” shebi you have been doing shakara for everybody, who you be sef? na you fine pass?” at this moment, my heart had began to pound faster. I started begging them not to hurt me and I was raising my voice. Before I knew what was happening, they had carried me, tore my clothes and another guy entirely came and raped me while the other four guys held my hands and legs.

I was devastated, I cried back to the hostel and stayed in my room for a week straight. I didn’t talk to anyone about it because I didn’t want to be stigmatized. I accepted my fate and moved on with my life but now there is a problem.

I was feeling sick, when I got to the clinic, the doctor said that I am 4weeks pregnant. I dunno what to do. Something is telling me to abort it but abortion is a sin but I still don’t want to keep a baby without a father. Who will believe me when I tell them that I was raped? please advice me on what to do.

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