What Do You See With A Closed Eyes?

closed eyes

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When you close your eyes what do you see? You might see a reflection of yourself, a black and white picture of the person or thing standing before you, ghost, light, pure darkness etc. Different things comes to our mind when the eyes are closed but what you see with a closed eyes is either what you are thinking of, what you saw before closing your eyes or what you are afraid of.

Some people see their dead relations or even see ghost for those who watch horror movies or read Gothic novels.  It gets so bad at times that you would have to open your eyes and those things flood your mind unconsciously.

You  may not be able to control what you see with a closed eyes but you can manage it with an open eyes.  If you know that you see things while closing your eyes, then don’t expose yourself to too many scary things because those things affects the mind, hereby bringing it down to your social life.

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