First Impression


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First impression are the first things people notice about you when meeting you for the very first time. First timers notice different things about you from the way you talk, your hair, your body, what you wear etc. Considering the fact that people notice differs things about you, wouldn’t it be nice if you create a good first impression? People say that ‘first impression last longer’.

You might not believe the above saying but from personal experience, I’ve come to realize that when you lost your first impression, you will spend so much time trying to regain it.

I met a dude for the very first time and his first time and he spent the first two paragraphs of our conversation talking about how useless his ex girlfriend was. In  my mind, I was like ‘WTF is this dude saying?’ why should a guy tell me how useless and dirty his ex girlfriend is? Was that suppose to make me feel good? I just kept nodding and giving a fake smile. I was so reluctant to make friends with him but when we eventually became friends, I realized that he just broke up with the girl and he was still hurting.  That wasn’t his real personality.

You should put some things into consideration when meeting someone for the first time.


You should always be properly and neatly dressed. Don’t be under dressed or over dressed, make sure your outfit is appropriate for the kind of place where you are meeting the first timer.


Watch what you say. You have to be outspoken and also speak with confidence but don’t say stupid things or talk too much unless people will see you as a talkative.


Try and be very polite not minding the kind of person you are meeting.


Listen more and talk less.


Always smile. That’s the most important thing because a smiling face gives a perfect first impression.


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