Half Of A Yellow Moon (Episode 5)


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Well, I continue managing my sugar daddy till one day when I followed my friend to her boyfriend’s place. That day, I was so bored at home so she said that she was going to her boyfriend’s place that I should follow her and we will be back the following day. When we got to his place, we met 4 of his friends there, they were so accommodating. We had so much to eat and drink so at night, when we were prepared to sleep my sugar daddy called me and said that he was in front of my house in school. Since I wasn’t at home and I didn’t want to lie, I hung up the call and didn’t pick his calls again. I knew we had broken up so I just had to find a replacement. Luckily for me, one of my friend boyfriend’s friend, found me attractive so he developed a genuine feelings for me.

We went back to school but kept communicating with the guy. Jide looked so cool and I liked him like that but he has his own ‘but’ that I couldn’t stand. We started dating but nothing happened for the 1st one month because I was in school. We had talked about it, anticipated it and finally launched it. We met at the hotel because he was living with his parents so we had to respect them. We didn’t really do much, we went just two rounds and I left the following morning. We kept meeting at hotels till after 3 months when he decided to introduce me to his parents. That gave us the chance to do whatever we like. I spent days at their house and we kept doing it till I got pregnant for him.

We agreed on keeping the baby so I had to go and officially break up with all the guys I’ve been involved with, with the hope that I would marry him and cope with his ‘but’. We started having issues and that is normal in a relationship but the abnormal thing was that whenever we had any issue, he would tell his mum. He won’t tell her what he did wrong but what I did wrong. He and his mum would now start saying different bad things and insulting me behind and still pretend when they see me. He wouldn’t even stop there, he would tell his cousins and friends everything. I got tired of it all so I gave up on him….

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