Half Of A Yellow Moon (Episode6)


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We had so many issues and I tried to be calm just because I was carrying his baby but it later turned out that things will never work out as planned. I was 4 month pregnant by then, one of my friends advised me to abort the pregnancy to avoid been a single mum. I took the advice and went to the hospital. The nurse told me how dangerous what I came to do was but it’s possible to abort it. I took the risk and did it without informing my boyfriend.

I saw hell during the abortion but since I wanted it and I knew there were other better guys out there who will treat me better, I didn’t care. I absorbed the pain, cried, cursed my boyfriend, bit my lips but went through with it. After it, I couldn’t walk for more than 5 hours. When I regained my strength, I left the hospital and went home.

I told my boyfriend I had a miscarriage and put all the blame on him. I made him pay for what he didn’t do and capitalized on the fact that he gave me emotional trauma that led to my miscarriage. I didn’t break up with him because there was no replacement yet, so I waited, pretended to still like him for the main time.

All my life, I had always thought I loved my first boyfriend until I met Damilare. I was 23 years old, I’ve gained so many experiences and been into so many relationship, I’m now an adult who is no longer a s+x freak. I met Damilare at a party and we just got talking like normal people. We liked each other instantly and started talking about life. You know what they say about ‘like minds think alike’.

We exchanged numbers but no feelings was attached until we started talking well. I didn’t know when I fell in love with him. The love was so strong that I had to close my heart to all the guys I’ve known before and the new once I just met. All I think about was Damilare and he made the matter worse by showing me so much care. He calls and check up on me regularly, talked to me like a big brother and  gave me the listening hear I needed.

Everything he does made me think he likes me as much as I do, so I decided to tell him what I felt for him. He shocked me with his words and made me felt bad…

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