Half Of A Yellow Moon (Episode 7)


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At first, I didn’t tell him directly, I started stylishly like asking him ‘ what were you doing in my dream?’, ‘why do I keep thinking about you’ and he would just reply with a smile. The first day I did that, I felt so stupid but I pretended it was normal. He kept talking to me the way he always does and that left me more confused. I didn’t know if he was in love with me or that was his normal character. I kept on trying and doing the best I could do just to make him like me as much as I do.

One faithful day, I couldn’t sleep all through the  night, I saw it as a torture. How can I have a sleepless night for someone who doesn’t know how much I love him? so I decided to tell him my mind. I didn’t mind if he was going to hate me after it or not, all I knew was that I couldn’t take it anymore. I picked up my phone and called him. I told him I wanted to see him for something very important. It was 7 in the morning and he was wondering what it could be, he called me back immediately I dropped the call and asked if I could come over to his house which I agreed.

I stood up, took my bathe, applied a little make-up and prayed to God to make him love me and eventually date me. I was optimistic about it and by the way, guys love me without showing them the green light sef so why should his own be different?   I got to his place early enough, he invited me in, offered me juice which I didn’t take. He said that he was about cooking but wanted to know what was bothering me before cooking. I offered to cook with him that I would tell him while cooking and he agreed.

When it was time to tell him, I started re-thinking about it and the thought of him getting angry over it freaked me out. I wanted to keep quite and tell him a lie or say something like I just wanted to see his face but something kept pushing me to talk, so I did. I told him how much I love him and how I think about him and all. While I was talking, I didn’t raise my head up because I didn’t want to see the reactions on his face so after I finished saying all I wanted to say, I left him in the kitchen.

He came after me and held me so tightly and whispered into my ear that he loves me more than I love him but he can’t do anything with me because I’ve had s+x with one of his cousins. I was surprised and I looked at him in shock. s+x? cousin? how come? So many things started coming to my mind…

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