Olosho Turned Wifey

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I walked into a pub on a Friday evening. Initially, I had a stressful day at work, so I decided to chill out alone because on a normal Friday evening, I would have hanged out with my friends but it didn’t just happen that way. I went to the VIP section and saw a pretty, fair, clean lady drinking vodka alone. I ordered Ciroc and started drinking too. I spent about 5mins before standing up to meet the lady since we were the only ones  at the VIP section. I asked why she was decided to drink alone and she said that she just needed to relax.

Well, we started talking and started getting intimate. I took her home that night and slept with her. It was the following day she told me that her bill was 20k. At first I was wondering what bill she was talking about before she replied with ‘do you think I would do all those styles I did for free?’ oh now I get the picture. I told her I would give her the money but she has to do another round which she agreed. After it, I went to the bathroom to shower and when I got back she wasn’t in the room. I thought she ran away with my valuable items until I heard the sound of the pots.

I went to the kitchen to check what was happening when I saw her washing the places with food on the fire. I was surprised because all the olosho’s I’ve met wouldn’t do such, they will just collect their money and leave that’s all. I was so impressed that I had to add 10k to her money. She was so happy then I gave her the assurance that she would be my personal side chic. We laughed at it and she left.

At work on Monday, I gave my friends the gist and one of them said that maybe she’s doing that job out of no choice. I held on to that and since I didn’t have a real girlfriend at that time,  I kept on inviting her to my house. She would cook, clean the house, wash my clothes and still treat me right. She told me her story and what led to her doing that job. I felt pity for her and told her to stop the job. I enrolled her into a polytechnic, paid all her bills and on the long run, I fell in love with her.

M friend’s were the first to criticize  her. They told me so many awful things about her, wanting me to hate her but I didn’t. The love was just too strong for me. At a point, she told me to look for a real girlfriend who doesn’t have a dirty past like her but I didn’t listen to her. My family members talked but I love her so much and I couldn’t control it.

At some point I thought she would go back to her past so I tested her in different ways and she passed all the test. Now we are happily married with 3 kids and she’s a deaconess in our church. Thank God I didn’t leave her.

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