Half Of A Yellow Moon (Episode8)


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Flashback to when I first met him in a party.

Truly, I saw a guy I recognized well on the same table with him. The guys name is Femi. We had a thing together but it was never serious. It happened this way…

It was on a cold Tuesday, I was bored, hungry and h*rny. Femi and I used to talk but we were never close friends. I stood on the balcony of my hostel in my bum short and crop top, then Femi walked by and greeted me like he used to do which I replied with a funny smile. He then asked why I stood there alone, I told him that I was bored and none of my friends were around. He said he wanted to take a shower that he was going to come over to my house when he is done, he came back about 25 minutes after that then it began to rain. I told him to come inside because of the rain and he did. We were just talking when he touched me and I responded. It was around 4pm by then, we had s+x till 7pm. We did different styles and acted crazy. I blamed myself when he left my room but the deed has been done and there was no ‘undo’ button and besides I enjoyed every bit of it.

We acted normal after that day and pretended as if nothing happened between us and Femi is a very gentle guy who doesn’t talk too much and he does not have too many friends, so I was relaxed because I knew he wouldn’t tell anyone. We never did it again after that day and we continued our normal ‘hi friends’.

When I saw him at that party, I wasn’t bothered because I knew he never told anyone one about us and he won’t so I didn’t bother asking him who he came with. I was just free with everybody on the table like the normal playful girl that I am.

Back to the horrible day.

I didn’t know what to say. I was so short of words. I started sweating profusely. How could this be happening? I thought to myself. I didn’t know if I should cry or beg him to forget about everything and open a new page or I should walk out of his house. I just stood there dumbfounded before he then said ” do you want me to eat my cousin’s remnant?” That question he asked me dropped like a bomb on my heart and all hope was lost…

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