B.S.U Students Union Election ( My view) – Caleb Ugande

Part one:

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By Caleb Ugande
Political Science Senatorial Aspirant.

A lot has so far been said about the recent development within the university community as regards to the recently suspended election into the divergent students union office.

Before I stress on the unfolding event on campus, I will explain the focus/motive of Students Unionism.

The concept and understanding of Students Union is simply put, the bond and brotherliness that coexist amongst students. The Union has over the years existed to guide and foster the legitimate interest of students of her institution and so, it is charged with the responsibility of liaison between students and the management of the institution on matters of mutual interest. The modern students Union leaders are such that uphold consultation and consider dialogue while interceding on behalf of her subordinate. Hence, the inevitability of the Union in B.S.U.

After the formation and the inauguration of the Students Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC), many aspirants picked their form to contest for the divergent position of the S.U offices which range from Parliament to cabinet respectively. Since they were all given the fair opportunity to undergo the screening, they joyously did so with enthusiasm.

After some weeks of awaiting the unfolding screening results, it finally was pasted on most popular notice boards in school. But guess what happened? ………

It was mind shocking and pain feeling down deep in the bone marrow to note that, most of the popular candidate were screened out of the race with no conject reason as a way of explanation to why it was so. A bitter development the B.S.U students query and sorrow for till date.

I want to make it crystal clear today for all members of the BSU community and Benue State as a whole to know the injustice that have in recent times bedeviled the students of the aforementioned institution. The aspirant for this session are grieved in two ways. Firstly, the screened out aspirants are not okay with the results which has put them away from the race. Secondly, those who have successfully been screened and are prepared for the election are also bitter with the BSU leadership for unlawfully setting up a caretaker committee.

Their bitterness stern from the fact that the students Union constitution does not make provision for the university management to set up a caretaker committee on the scheduled day for election after that, successful candidates and the electorate are prepared to vote in, their representatives into office.

Secondly, I want the general public to note significantly that there was neither crisis during the course of the election process nor disorderliness existing amongst the opposing faction of aspirants (the successfully and unsuccessfully screened students). The political atmosphere unless proven otherwise was calm, peaceful and free from chaos and violence.

Today, we are indeed amazed to notice the irregularities as exemplified in the physical and conscious manipulation and interference of students activities by staff of the institution.

In the part (2) two of this (My view), I will more logically and in unmistakable terms painstakingly expose to your knowledge to consume sufficiently, the tactical interference of the staff agent, threats and the victimization suffered by students in the fight against injustice.

Endeavor to fight against injustice because, A threat to Justice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere.

Aluta Continua,
Victoria Acerta.

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