OAU Man O’ War makes Great Ife students unsafe, Students Clamour for Dissolution

Great Ife students from various halls of residence gathered at the Senate Building at around 11:30pm on Wednesday, 17th of August,2016,  to unanimously clamour for the dissolution of MAN O’ WAR association on campus as the members have been camped in Floor O after being mobbed out of their secretariat in Fajuyi hall, topmost floor, due to their animalistic, uncivilized and uncontrollable act in resolving the case of one of their members assaulting the past hall Chairman politically known as “Sonepa” which is just a consequent of several antecedents.

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According to Sonepa, as supported by the accounts of those present at the time of the assault, it has been gathered without any iota of doubt that these members of Man O’ War are nothing more than thugs camouflaging as students. The account of the assault states that a ball went over the fence of Man O’ War’s training ground at the back of block 4 as Fajuyians were engaged in a game of football after a stressful day. The hall Chairman, Sonepa went to the camp to speak with the executives of the tyrannical association to give back the intruding ball to the players in order to prevent an aggressive rancour between the resilient Man O’ War members and Fajuyians. The end game of this peaceful act leads to the sudden assault on Sonepa’s cheek by a Man O’ War member while another razes him off the face of earth. As at the moment of this penned report, the Man O’ War secretariat has been locked while their board at Fajuyi hall’s entrance has been bastardized also.

Accordingly, other accounts of the ever superior Man O’ War members showboating their tyrannical and irrational ideals were recapped to Oau Kilonshele. It was reported that just some weeks ago during the Freshmen orientation at Amphi theatre, the school management, DSA employs the members of Man O’ War for no significant reasons. A freshman who was tired of the boring orientation programme willed to leave the venue to engage in other activities best known to him. This freshman was assaulted and harassed by a member of the Man O’ War by dashing three consecutive slaps to the victim due to the feeling of superiority towards other students. This unjust act left unpunished as the voice of this innocent remains unheard until this moment.

Assertively, movements to put an end to the continuation of this animalistic association due to their continuous mediocre showcase of tyranny have all been forfeited by the DSA as they only have the authority to dissolve such association. Some might say Man O’ War OAU is a Pro-Management and Anti-student association of thugs as they were also employed to the balloting exercise of space allocation on Monday,15th of August.

This same association has been alleged to conduct illegal businesses on campus in their secretariat where they sell alcohol and drugs for the enhancement of their mental and physical abilities.

A Student giving his account last night told OAU Kilonshele of how unsafe it is to walk alongside a Man O’ War member because he or she could assault him any time to express superiority over walking space. This bestial association has always been known from their early morning nuisance in Fajuyi hall as they perform their morning exercise waking up adversely students resting quietly after a hectic previous day.

OAU Kilonshele writes to sensitize the office of the Acting Dean of DSA, Mrs Grace Oluyemisi Akinola to take a radical look into the unanimous voice of OAU students to dissolving Man O’ War association as they have been nothing less than terror to Great Ife students’ welfarism. The continued protection of Man O’ War members without any deserved indictment could lead to a violent encounter between the affected Man O’ War members and ferocious students. It is said that man is a natural being before his nationality which in other sense means; these students prior to joining Man O’ War were just students which means they are guided by the same rules that guide other students. One of these basic rules is “no student should assault another”. Man O’ War members have been found culprit of this sin incessantly without any indictment from the school management that one of then has to refer to students as “bloody civilians”.

Great Ife students clamour for the immediate dissolution of Man O’ War, OAU.


The Registrar


Acting Dean, DSA Mrs Grace Akionla

Association of Campus Journalists

All News Agencies

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