CIMO Scholarships for International Graduate Students in Finland

[A]. Start-up finance for young PhD students and researchers:

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The scholarships CIMO offers are not full scholarships, for example, they can not be applied to cover a whole PhD. Rather, they are intended to work as start-up finance for young PhD students and researchers, who are yet to be invited to a Finnish university and who do not have a long post-Master’s research career behind them.

However, the CIMO scholarships are also applicable to those who have, for example, been accepted into a Doctoral degree programme, even though they can not cover the whole time it takes to complete a PhD.

[B]. CIMO scholarships for advanced-level students of the Finnish language:

CIMO offers scholarships for those foreign students who are studying Finnish at advanced degree level in foreign universities. In other words, these CIMO scholarships are not applicable to beginner’s level Finnish language studies. For complete details, see the official web site


Deadlines are variable depending on the program you are eligible for. Please visit the official web site (link is below) for complete details.


The CIMO scholarships in themselves are tax-free, since the total maximum scholarship sum that can be granted to an individual applicant does not exceed the taxation limit for scholarships in Finland. However, if you receive other scholarships or other income simultaneously with a CIMO scholarship, you may be liable to taxation

No tuition fees are charged in Bachelor’s level degree programmes in Finland. The same is true of several Master’s programmes. The cost of this education is covered by the Finnish government, therefore, there are usually no scholarships available.

However, in those Master’s level programmes that charge a tuition fee from non-EU/EEA students, institutional scholarships for non-EU/EEA students are available. These institutional scholarships are always applied for directly from the university in question.

In the Erasmus Mundus Master’s programmes, scholarships are also available. They are always applied via the university consortium offering the Erasmus Mundus programme in question. Please see further info in the section concerning Erasmus Mundus scholarships on the official web site (link is below).


CIMO scholarships are for: young PhD students and researchers; AND advanced-level students of the Finnish language.

NOTE: CIMO does not have any scholarship programmes or other financial assistance available for Bachelor’s or Master’s level degree studies in Finland, or post-Doctoral students. Neither do they have any grants for beginner’s-level studies of Finnish or Swedish.


For study funding opportunities for Bachelor’s or Master’s level degree studies, see the ‘Please note’ section below or read Tuition Free Universities in Finland for International Students.

Eligible groups

Targeted accordingly to the following groups:

CIMO Fellowships: Citizens of ALL countries can apply

Finnish Government Scholarship Pool: Citizens of countries with cultural agreements or similar arrangements between Finland: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.

Scholarships for Kindred Peoples: Citizens of Finno-Ugrian minorities in Russia

Scholarships for Master’s level degree students of the Finnish language: Non-Finnish scholars at universities outside Finland

Scholarships for post-Master’s-level degree students and researchers of the Finnish language: Non-Finnish scholars at universities outside Finland

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