Annie Idibia: Is True Love Real?

Is true love still real? Tuface and his wife Annie started their relationship long time ago even when things looked wrong, she stood by her man because she has the vision and knows what she wants. Tuface might not had been the perfect person for her but she molded him to her perfect taste.
Nowadays, some people claiming to be feminist, told us so many things and changed our mindset about so many things. Right from creation, man has always been the head but now, we women are dragging the position with them. It’s good to be a sharp girl, independent girl and not take any rubbish from any man but have it in mind that you have to pick one out of  ‘your ego’ and ‘your man’. To be candid, you can’t have the two. Men are just the figure head, women are the ones doing the job there. We all know that women are emotionally stronger than the men are so if you are dragging the position with them, there will be problem because both of you cannot be weak at the same time. Taking Tuface and Annie as examples, Tuface impregnated Annie’s friends. It is difficult to remain with a man that impregnated another woman not to talk of your friend. Left to me, I will stop being friends with them, break up with Tuface and get pregnant for his elder brother. That didn’t happen in Annie’s  case, she accepted the flaws of her now husband, absorbed the pain and moved on. So many people would have advised her to take some drastic steps but she followed her heart and married him with all his baggage.  What’s the greatest punishment and test of love? I can imagine what went through Tuface’s mind when all the controversies happened. Their test of love is enough to start a world war.

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Now lets imagine Annie got pregnant for 3 other men at 3 different times and Tuface with the other men still loved her, what would have happened? Remember Helen of Troy? that could have been ‘Annie of Nigeria’.
The male folks are always the weaker ones emotionally but they hide under their big chest and big arms. Yes, some of the men take it too far by bullying and abusing their wives, that is why women should always stand ‘for’ ‘by’ and ‘with’ their selves.  Annie is still in Tuface’s house because she protected the love she has for him.
I hope someone gets this message.. I wish them a very happy home together forever.

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