ACU Students to be Suspended/Expelled, as Varsity Published Names

The Management of Ajayi Cowther University at its meeting on Thursday, 15th September 2016 considered the report of Students Disciplinary Committee and decided as follows:


Students accused and found culpable for possession and use of hard drugs and Indian hemp are to be issued final warning and their study is to be converted from full time to ‘Flexible mode of Study’. Ordinarily, students in this category deserve expulsion from the University. However, on compassionate grounds, students in 300 and 400 levels of studentship are allowed to continue their studies on modular basis outside the campus.
  1. They will henceforth be given access to the University’s teaching and learning resources for their private study.
  2. They shall not be permitted to enter the campus during the normal session for other students. They will come to campus only during holiday periods and they shall attend classes for limited specified periods during which they shall write their semester examinations.
  3. Conversion of their status to flexible mode goes along with the issuance of final warning which means that if found guilty of further misdemeanour against the laws of the University, they will be summarily expelled from the University.
  4. The University identifies that drug addiction problems will require a prolonged period of medical and psychological rehabilitation for the victims and so they are better to remain at home under their parents and guardians who shall avail them the necessary rehabilitation programme as well as spiritual therapy.
  5. For the avoidance of doubt, ACU will not harbour hemp smokers among the normal students in order to prevent them from negatively influencing and endangering the peace and well-being of other law abiding students.
  6. They will pay the normal tuition fee, but different hostel fees whenever they come for their lectures on the campus.
The following Students fall under this category:

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1. Adeniji Adesola 14S05/037 M Economics/ 300
2. Iro-omo Adeoye Femi 11N02/016 M Comp. Sci/ 300
3. Okan Kelvin Odiri 14S05/025 M Economics/ 300
4. Omopariola Olabanji 12S05/022 M Economics/ 400
5. Dosunmu Grace 13S01/037 F Accounting/ 300
6. Okorie Chidi 13S01/033 M Accounting/ 400
7. Oludoyi Tunde Francis 12S05/020 M Economics/ 400
8. Raji Sadiq 11S04/020 M Bus. Admin./ 400
9. Otigba Buchi 14S05/038 M Economics/ 300
10. Dibor Kandibe 12S06/016 M Mass Comm./ 400
11. Ugwokegbe Tochukwu ACU201500 M Economics/ 100
12. Okoli Clinton 13S04/014 M Bus. Admin./ 300
13. Ikudabo Oluwatobiloba SP20140923 M Mass Comm./ 300
14. Olaolu Opeyemi 13S04/021 M Bus. Admin./ 300
15. Odewale Akinbobola 13N04/016 M Comp. Sci./ 400
16. Shagba Michael 11S04/011 M Bus. Admin./ 400


Students found culpable of possession and use of hard drugs including Indian hemp ordinarily deserve to be expelled. Those at 100 and 200 levels of studentship are in the early stages of their degree programmes; and so, the University cannot accommodate them under the flexible mode of study status. Rather, they are sent home for one session in order to enable their parents and guardians to put them through programmes of rehabilitation as earlier stated above.
These students can resume in the University after one (1) session and must bring along:
  1. Certificate of medical fitness from a recognized government hospital.
  2. A letter of undertaking by their parents to be law abiding and of good behaviour.
Suspended students must not be found within the vicinity of the campus; hence, they will be summarily expelled.
It must be noted that these students have been given final warning; meaning that, if they commit any further offence, they will be summarily expelled.
The following students fall under this category:

1. Inyang Ekong Ubongabasi 15S06/004 M Microbiology/ 100
2. Kola Awe ACU20150284 M Economics/ 300
3. Ogundana Francis ACU20150347 M Microbiology/ 100
4. Ukoh Paul Godwin 15S04/027 M Bus. Admin./ 100
5. Vovwe Eghujovbo 15S05/023 M Economics/ 100
6. Badejo Moyosore 14S01/008 M Bus. Admin./ 200
7. Uwokori Emmanuel Ovihri 11S04/062 M Bus. Admin./ 200
8. Akinbobola Tayo Femi 15N06/007 M Microbiology/ 100
9. Orji Elvis SP20150624 M Comp. Sci/ 100
10. Allswell Ikechukwu 14N02/033 M Phy. Sci./ 200
11. Popoola Temiloluwa 15S06/016 M Mass Comm./ 100
12. Ogundana Jeremiah M Bio. Sci/ 100
13. Udeala Prosper 13N05/011 M Geology/ 200


Some students, particularly those found guilty of fighting and scaling the fence have been given final warning. Students in this category can resume at the next session but must bear in mind that if they are found guilty of any other offence, they will be summarily dismissed from the University.
Management of Ajayi Crowther University is determined to live up to its expectation as a Christian faith-based institution with zero tolerance to violation of its laws and ethics. Henceforth, disciplinary cases would be tried immediately by the Students Disciplinary Committee and sentences expeditiously pronounced and implemented.
Parents, guardians and students should beware; and are all called upon to support the University in its drive in raising godly intellectuals.
The following students fall under this category:

1. Ademola Babade 14S04/024 M Bus. Admin./ 200
2. Ekpeyong Emmanuel 15L01/118 M Law/ 100 To refund stolen money
3. Emmanuel Olobaniyi 14N05/010 M Earth Sci./ 200
4. Folorunso Samson 13S06/048 M CMS/ 300
5. Kayode Akande 15S06/023 M CMS/ 300
6. Odeleke Tayo SP20150376 F Comp. Sci/ 100
7. Odewade Akinbobola 13N04/016 M Comp. Sci/ 400
8. Oladele Oladimeji Agboola 11N04/019 M Comp. Sci/ 100
9. Osipitan Olaoluwa 15S06/049 M CMS/ 100
10. Otiede Karo ACU20150368 M Comp. Sci/ 100
11. Soremi Olufunso 14S06/010 M CMS/ 300
12. Umukoro Ronne SP20150227 M Comp. Sci/ 100
13. Ajeyalemi Adebola 14S01/056 M Accounting & Fin./ 300
14. Lawal Temitope 15H02/014 F History/ 200
15. Olanrewaju Tunde 15H02/003 M History/ 100
16. Awwal Ayuba 15S04/002 M Bus. Admin./ 200
17. Bayejo Jeremiah SP20150313 M Bio. Sci/ 100
18. Odior Eugene 12S05/014 M Economics/ 400
19. Amaechi Chukwuebuka 14S06/012 M Mass Comm./ 200
20. Chima Ukama 15S05/022 F Economics/ 100 To refundN160,000


Students in this category are strongly warned to desist from further acts of misbehaviour, otherwise; they will receive tougher sanctions.
The following students fall under this category:
1. Abidemi Ogunse 13H01/006 F English/ 300
2. Adejuyigbe Dolapo 15N06/001 F Microbiology/ 100 To pay 40% of hearing aid
3. Segun Adeleke 12N06/001 M Microbiology/ 400
4. Obinna Nwosu 13S05/022 M Physical Sci./ 400
5. Noah Charles 15S05/024 M Economics/ 100
6. Tajudeen Abdulhadi SP20150403 M Economics/ 100



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