Diary of a Lagos Playboy

I really have to share this with you guys…

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You can’t believe I’ve been working in my new work place for some time now and never knew Philomina stays on the same street with me.

Philomina is a dark curvy beautiful lady in one of the departments in my place of work. I met her on the staff bus one day like that, and since then we’ve been talking. Not because I have something special for her but because we always board at the same bus stop.

It was a Thursday evening and I was coming from work on the staff bus as usual, I saw Philo, waved at her and she smiled at me. On getting to the bus stop, I alighted and she did too. I noticed she was kind of going towards my direction. So, I asked her where her house is. “Collins Street”, she said… Seriously? That’s my street, number 1, “my house is on number 3”, she said. “That’s lovely”, I said. We entered the street and I pointed my house to her and she pointed at hers too

The following day, she called me on her way from an outing to tell me that she’ll like to spend some minutes in my place, as she would not want to go and sit alone at home and I said No problem.

Some minutes later, I heard a knock on the door, and she was the one. “Wow, you look gorgeous”, I said and she seems to be blushing.

I offered her the big stout she met me drinking, but she said she preferred water, which I gave to her.

We started gisting and we didn’t know that we’ve spent over two hours, as we talked about those interesting things. She left for her house, but our discussion continued on phone,

Philo is spoilt, trust me… She said Ishould forget relationship talk, as that is meant for small children. Let’s get going and see how things work out, she said.

I slept that night kind of happy.

To cut the long story short, she was the one that woke me up the following morning with her call.

She said she will like to come over, and as a sharp guy that I am, I had to put a lot of things in place. So, I sharply went to a nearby supermarket to get some stuffs.

She was already waiting in the front of her house when I came back, I beckoned on her and she responded. We entered the house and continue our conversation after we finished a bowl of rice.

In the course of our discussion, I tried touching her bosom but she was resisting me, maybe she wanted us to finish our conversation because the moment she finished talking, I attempted kissing her, she took it as if she has been waiting for that.

Wow, I lifted her up from where she was sitting and placed her buttocks on the edge of a fridge in the living room. Damn, Philo can kiss for Africa.

I tried to reach for her bosom again this time and it was a true access, i cupped one of her pawpaw sized b0*bs with my left hand while I suck the other one passionately.

At this time, Philo has started moaning, and this her moaning I called noise because it was too loud.

I didn’t waste a lot of time on her oh, as her noise was getting too much, I sharply reached for her under, disregard the cover and insert my strong rod. I got tired of the whole thing after the first experiment, but I had do the second one, so as to avoid some error and the third one so as to be close to the given titre value.You under stand na

I don’t wish to have Philo in my bed again; Her noise is too much … Later jare, guys

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