Reasons Why your Relationship Seems not to be Working

You might be the reason why your relationship has not been working, you know? Check these out…

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You friends might tell you stuff like “the guys in your neighborhood have to either be blind, dumb, or both to pass up the opportunity to have you.”

They could be right with that statement, and they just might be totally off the mark, for sometimes, the problem is not with others, but with you.

If you do regularly engage in the following things, then it might be safe to say that you bear some culpability for that prolonged, undesired state of singleness you’re in now.

You have absurd requirements

If you need a partner and your mental requirements are just outrageous and totally unreasonable, then you have to know that getting into a relationship will very likely be difficult for you.

You don’t put yourself out there

If you always vote for staying indoors rather than going out and engaging in activities every once in a while, then you could find it difficult to get what you want.

If you are always saying no to suggestions to go out to events and gatherings, you are getting it wrong.

Be outgoing, get involved in a reasonable amount of activities, chances of meeting someone will be increased in that way, instead of waiting for Miss Right to come meet you right on your bed, in your dog-guarded house.

If the problem is that you are scared or shy of meeting new people, then you have to somehow overcome that fear.

Terrific on social media, terrible in reality

One of the downsides of having social media in this age is that people are now ‘live all all their lives’ on social media, forgetting how to actually relate and converse with people in real life.

If you are a really friendly, easy-to-relate-with, humorous, witty person on social media, you have to balance that by being just as good, [or at least, very close to that] in real life.

This is because at some point, that girl you are chatting and vibing with on social media will expect to see you a date.

What happens if you are boring and just totally terrible then?


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