Reasons You’re Still on a Search for your Ideal Partner

If, for instance, people just want any any man or woman that has the right body parts as proof, then there surely won’t be many single persons around.

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That’s not the case, though, as every woman and man has a mental image of what their ideal partner looks like, acts like, talks like and dresses like.

But ask around, how many people end up with what the kind of man/woman they perceive as ideal?

The response you’ll get is majorly that women settle for men who do not fit the ideal picture they actually have in their minds, and vice versa.

Why don’t they get their exact heart desires, why don’t they meet their ideal partners?

High, unreal expectations

Here is one of the biggest mistakes women especially make – creating crazy expectations that only very few men can ever meet up with.

There is nothing bad in aspiring to a faithful, caring, respectful, financially-stable man.

Those requirements are totally reasonable and can hardly be faulted by anyone.

Asking to be leisurely flown abroad every month for holidaying purposes might however be a tad unreasonable.

Men are also guilty of this, too.

You are not willing to temporarily compromise

For some people, it is either the exact thing they want, or nothing.

Obviously, this approach is not so good. If you meet a woman who is pretty close to what your idea of perfection is, why not give it a shot with them, and with time grow together into that image of perfection you’ve always had?

Losing out on someone with a potential to be ‘your ideal man’ might be the wrongest move you ever make, because in a little while they could become what you ever wanted, but you couldn’t be with them anymore because they met someone else who, unlike you, chose to take a chance with them before they became ‘ideal.’

Have you made yourself an ideal person?

It’s simple. Do unto other what you want them to do to you.

If you expect someone to as great as your expectation is, you better be as great as their expectation is, too!

If you really hope to meet your heart desire, you need to sit down and consider these properly.

You might discover that your idea of the ideal partner needs to be modified.


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