Avoid These Things Visiting your In-law for the First Time

In this part of the world, parents are an integral part of a relationship; if a party objects to the budding relationship, the chances of that relationship working out and leading to marriage is slim. That being stated, one of the reasons why people feel so tensed when it is time to visit their in-laws has been established.

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Ladies particularly get edgy when it is time to meet their prospective mothers in-law; they try doing everything that will put them in a good light. In the process of doing this, some go an extra mile and end up giving the guy’s family the wrong impression.

In order to avoid the pitfalls that other ladies have gone into when meeting their in-laws for the first time, then this is for you. There are certain things you need to read and learn if you want to take your relationship a notch higher. We call it crossing the line here.

If you want to move from the point where you are a side chic or a girlfriend to the point where you are referred to as someone’s fiancee, you have to know what to do and what not to do at an in-law’s place. On your first visit to your in-law’s place, you have to ensure that you are at your best in order to make them love you.

Remember what is being said about the first impression. Find out some of the things you should never do on a first visit to your in-law’s:

  • Avoid being overdressed As much as you want your boyfriend’s siblings to know that you are a trendy lady, you should try to keep it simple. Overdressing may turn them off and give them the impression that you are a gold digger who got attracted to their son because of his wealth or prospects. For the men too, you also have to check your outfit if you are visiting your in-law’s place. Be moderate with everything so as not to appear as a clown or as a gangster.
  • Do not pretend While you should be on your best behaviour, avoid lying or pretending to be someone you are not. You can avoid giving out details of things you are not proud of instead of having to lie. Try to be as free as possible without being forward. Their assessment of you starts from the moment you step on their porch. Be wise.
  • Do not wear so much makeup Before you embark on the journey to your in-law’s place, you should ask your partner about what they like and what they do not like. If you end up painting your face like a masquerade to their place knowing fully well that your in-laws are church leaders, you will be shooting yourself in the leg. While it is not compulsory for you to conform to their ways of life, you should strike them as someone who is flexible and not an extremist.
  • Do not wash plates there It is understandable that you need their approval and would do anything to make them accept you as their daughter in-law, you should never stoop so low to achieve that. No one is asking you to be proud and saucy, but do not start what you can not finish. If you wash plates on your first visit and iron your mother in-law’s clothes in order for them to like you, you have to keep up with the trend. The moment you stop doing those things when you have gained access, you will become a bad person.
  • Keep your appetite in check We know that good eating habit will make you healthy and all; however, you should not let your in-laws know you have a voracious appetite. Eating moderately will not kill you that day. Do not let your in-laws see you as someone who is always hungry. They will make inferences from the situation and make the guy feel bad about you.



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