FUWUKARI Announces New Students Registration Procedure

This is to notify all sucessfull candidates of Federal University Wukari, that the registration for Fresh Students have started.

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1.1 Registration for Fresh Students

All students of the University must register for courses in their various programmes through the completion of all relevant documents provided.

Registration of fresh students will involve the following:

i.) A payment teller of N5,000.00 only as an acceptance fee (see 1.5 below

for Payment Instruction);

ii.) Collection of University admission letter;

iii.) Screening with the Central Screening Committee (CSC);

iv.) Screening and registration at the Departmental Screening Committee;

v.) Screening and registration with the Faculty Screening Committee (FSC);

vi.) Payment of necessary fees at the designated Bank;

vii.) Obtaining receipts at Bursary, and

viii.) Necessary documentation at the Student Affairs and Academic Division.

The procedure for registration of candidates is as stated here, under them following headings:

Step 1: Fresh students on arrival shall present the following documents before the CSC at first floor of Multipurpose Building:

  1. i) Letters of admission into the University issued by JAMB and

FUW Registrar (FUW admission letter is mandatory);

  1. ii) Academic credentials (certificates);

iii) Certificate of Birth or Statutory Declaration of Age;

  1. iv) Local government identification letter;
  2. v) Letter of attestation from Parents/Guardians vouching for their good conduct;
  3. vi) Five (5) recent passport–sized photographs with name and course of study clearly written on the reverse side of photograph, and

vii) Five (5) photocopies of each item in Step 1(ii–vi) above.

Step 2: All candidates shall present all the items in Step 1 above to the Chairman, Faculty Screening Committee (FSC) of his/her Faculty.

Step 3: After the Chairman, FSC has certified that the candidate meets the general and course entry requirements; candidate is issued with certificate of clearance. Thereafter, he/she goes over to any Bank

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To effect payment of stipulated fees (see 1.5 below for Payment Instruction).

Step 4: Candidates shall present at the Departmental Screening Committee

(DSC) the original and four photocopies of the University Bursary receipts. Thereafter, candidates shall be issued with the following


  1. i) FUW 006 Acceptance Form
  2. ii) FUW 007 Students Clearance Form

iii) FUW 008 Fresh Student Screening Form

  1. iv) FUW 009 Screening Assessment Form
  2. v) FUW 010 Student Data Capturing Form

Step 5: All candidates shall:

  1. a) Complete all the listed Forms mentioned in Step 4 above, and
  2. b) Make two copies, each of the completed acceptance and certificate of clearance Forms.

Step 6: All candidates shall register their names with the Central Screening Committee.

Step 7: All successful screened candidates shall complete and submit the following Forms to their respective academic Departments,

Admission office and Faculty while a copy is to be retained by the candidate:

  1. i) FUW 001 Student Information Form
  2. ii) FUW 002 ID Card Biodata Form

iii) FUW 003 Student Medical Report Form (SMRF)

  1. iv) FUW 004 Course Registration Form (please collect the list of courses from your respective Departments).

Note that;

i.) Candidates should ensure that the sequence of names put down in all the Forms is correct and arranged in order.

ii.) Candidates who fail to complete all the seven (7) Steps mentioned above would not be issued matriculation number. A student without a matriculation number is considered not to be a bonafide student of Federal University Wukari.

iii.) The clearance and registration exercise will last for one week only.

1.2 Registration for Returning Students

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  1. a) All returning students must pay the University stipulated fees (see 1.5 below for Payment Instruction).
  2. b) For the returning students, it is necessary for them to ensure that they have checked their results and are qualified to transit to the next level.

They are to collect, complete and submit the following Forms to their various Departments:

  1. i) FUW RS 001 Resumption Form
  2. ii) FUW RS 002 Course Registration Form

iii) FUW 010 Student Data Capturing Form

  1. c) All returning students who had not submitted their admission letter should be advised to do so during registration, and also proceed to the Admissions office for proper documentation.

Note that the registration exercise for returning students last for one week only

1.3 Change of Course A student whose CGPA still falls below 1.50 at the end of a probation period shall be required to withdraw from the programme of study and may be allowed to change to another course. Such student is to obtain a Change of Course Form from the Registry.

1.4 Late Registration

The University allows two weeks after normal registration for late registration. The late registration attracts extra charge of N5,000.00, only.

1.5 Payment Instruction

Proceed to any Cyber Café or access internet to generate RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference) number.

How to generate RRR

  1. Logon to www.remita.net
  2. Click on Pay a Federal Government Agency

Note: All fields marked with asterisks (*) are compulsory

  1. Name of MDA: Federal University Wukari-1000142
  2. Name of Service/Purpose: Student Charges

iii. Amount: ensure that you type in the exact amount you intend to pay based on fee schedule.

  1. Payer’s Name: the Candidate’s full name

Proceed to any Bank and deposit the amount as contained in the RRR into FU Wukari TSA Revenue Account:

Account Name: Federal University Wukari

Account Number: 0360500761012

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i: Ensure that you write out the RRR on the paying-in slip (teller) otherwise, present a copy of RRR receipt to the bank cashier/teller.

ii: You can also pay via internet banking or card payment, but ensure you follow the right procedure for doing so.

All students who are interested in hostel accommodation should confirm space availability from Dean of Student Affairs before effecting payment for accommodation.

Present the Teller and the print out from the Bank or print out only in case of Note 2 above to Students Account Unit of Bursary Department for confirmation and issuance of Receipt.

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