SDA Bocconi School of Management MBA Scholarships for African Students in Italy

SDA Bocconi School of Management is making available one merit-based tuition waiver of 70% of the tuition fee and one merit-based tuition waiver of 50% of the tuition fee to 2017/18 MBA candidates with an outstanding profile.

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Application Deadline: There are 5 rounds:

  • 20th December, 2016
  • 31st January, 2017
  • 28th February, 2017
  • 31st March, 2017
  • 30th April, 2017

Eligible Countries: Africa or Mediterranean Area (any nationality from these areas, Italy excluded)

To be taken at (country): SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy

About the Award: Each year multiple scholarships and tuition waivers are available for outstanding candidates, thanks to the ongoing support of companies, other organizations, as well as our Alumni and current students.
Student and Alumni support is the foundation on which SDA Bocconi sets the basis to provide scholarships for future promising young leaders who will, in turn, serve as models and contribute to lead global changes starting in the classroom and ending with a new professional path.
Therefore, scholarship recipients may consider giving back to help the School conceive, design and implement new initiatives and a better program, as well as create a stronger sense of community. Even a small gift has impact and may change lives.

SDA Bocconi School of Management is making available 27 total/partial merit-based tuition waivers to 2017/18 MBA candidates with an outstanding profile.

The tuition waivers/scholarships are usually awarded before the Program begins. The number and assignment criteria of total or partial tuition waivers are defined and acknowledged by a special Commission whose decision is final and will be notified to beneficiaries by the beginning of the Program.

Admission to the Program is independent of the award of any scholarship or tuition waiver.

Type: MBA

Eligibility: Tuition waiver is available only to students with an outstanding personal, academic and professional background and meeting the following requirements:

  • They come from Africa or Mediterranean Area (any nationality from these areas, Italy excluded)
  • They have a minimum GMAT score of 680
  • They meet all admissions requirements for the participation in the 2017/18 MBA Program.

Only candidates who applied, producing all required documentation (Application Form, GMAT or GRE equivalent, Toefl or Ielts or PTE or CPE, Reference letters, Admissions Procedure Fee), and have been admitted to the 2017/18 MBA Program are eligible for tuition waivers.

Incompatibility and Loss of Tuition Waivers:

  • The waiver can be combined with any other scholarship, award, or financial support for specialization courses by public or private organisations or companies if the total amount does not exceed the total registration fee.
  • The beneficiary must self-certify that the above-mentioned accumulation has not been exceeded. The beneficiary must comply with this condition for the whole duration of the MBA Program.
  • As beneficiaries of a financial grant awarded on merit basis, participants must prove high academic performance during the MBA Program to preserve the right to the tuition waiver, according to a minimum performance limit set by the School.
  • The right to the tuition waiver is subject to the regular completion of the 2017/18 MBA program as indicated in the 2017/18 MBA Rules.

Selection Criteria: Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • analysis of academic and professional record, analysis of the requirements indicated above, results of the MBA selection processs.
  • The number of assignments to applicants will not be equally divided amongst the different rounds.
  • The final percentage of awarding for each round is at the discretion of the Commission and their decision is final and unquestionable.
  • A limited number of applicants, at the discretion of the Commission, who were not assigned a tuition waiver during their round may be placed on a waiting list and be reconsidered in the following rounds.
  • The outstanding student, beneficiary of the tuition waiver, may be required to carry out a project assigned by the Director of the MBA Program, in accordance with the MBA Faculty.

Number of Awardees: 2

Value of Scholarship: 

  • 70% of the tuition fee
  • 50% of the tuition fee

Duration of Scholarship:

How to Apply: Applications for the tuition waiver must be sent via e-mail:

– to the following email address:

with the subject: TW MBA 2017/18

in accordance with the deadlines indicated in the table (in the link below)

The assignment of the tuition waiver will be formally notified to the beneficiary by the Commission through an assignment letter, no later than the Communication of assignment dates indicated in the table (in the link below)

Visit Scholarship Webpage for details

Award Provider: SDA Bocconi School of Management

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