Ajimobi’s Show Of Shame By Jonathan Nda-Isaiah

In saner countries, Governor Of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi would have offered an apology or resignation  due to his vituperation when  students of Ladoke Akintola University marched to his office to protest the closure of their school for about eight months  .The school had been  shut down because lecturers and other workers of the institution have been owed months in salaries.

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Hear Emperor Ajimobi words to the protesting students ;You complain that your school has been shut down for eight months”,. “Am I the one who closed your school?”

“If this is how you want to talk to me, then go ahead and do your worst. If you think you can be troublesome, I dare you…I am ready for you. Let’s see what you can do.

“You have no respect for constituted authority”. “This is not the first time schools are getting shut. If your school was shut down for eight months, so what?

“If you come here shouting at me, I am not going to talk to you. If you came here to start a fight, do go ahead. This government will not tolerate any nonsense from anybody”.

“I am not going to talk to you again””Even if I don’t pay salary, the fact is that I am the constituted authority for Oyo State”.

Watching the video you would be forgiven to think it was a military governor addressing the students not someone this same students stood under the sun and voted into office.

Reports say the students were rude to the governor, even at that that’s why you are the leader and you must have the ability to keep your cool under any circumstances or situation .This goes to show most of our leaders lack the temperament to hold public offices.

I believe when the governor watches the replay of that video he would be terribly ashamed of himself. Efforts of his spin doctors to counter the video proved abortive as the governors show of shame had already gone viral.

Ajimobi is a typical Nigerian politician  who acquires a god complex when elected to office.Who are you to question his authority whether good or bad. They are the constituted authority, the deity and we the electorate are  the lesser beings. Let me give you a brief profile of Ajimobi, this same governor shut down secondary schools because of the way students spoke to him,so his latest tantrums is in sync with his character. how did we get to this level that we have charlatans like this leading us.

Would the governor be comfortable if his children stay at home for eight months due to lecturers strike and I believe most of his children attend private universities in Nigeria or abroad. So it’s none of his business if students stay one year at home and  like they said the idle mind is the devil’s workshop and your guess is as good as mine about  activities some of the students would have engaged in the last eight months.

This same governor will be angling for higher office when his tenure expires or like his colleagues may want to retire to the Senate and will still come out to solicit  votes.Then the same treatment should be meted out to him, he should apologise on National TV to the students, parents and lecturers who voted him into office.




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