Simple Ways to make a man fall in love with you?

Many people will agree that there is nothing better when a man loves a woman. Well, in the life of every girl comes a time when you meet him – the person with whom you want to be together as long as possible, which is able to amuse or console you and generally fits underneath all the parameters of your ideal. Some women recommend visiting dating sites. But we would like to give you some dating tips.

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How to make a man fall in love with you?

Right initiative

The first and the most important rule that will allow you to fall in love with the guy – is to make him sure that all the initiative in your relationship belongs to him and only him. It means nothing that you was walking in the park for 30 minutes and froze so much – he still should consider that he have met you by chance and he decided to speak himself. And do not worry that the first “hello” floated out of your mouth – will someone remember it? By the way, some men exactly know what women want.

How to make a man fall in love


The correct flavor is another powerful tool in the art of seduction. Smelling flowers, vanilla, citrus fruits and other pleasant aromas, you should try to set aside a footprint in the man’s mind that will remind him of you. Selecting aroma, you should be guided only by your own preferences. Fragrance, especially the daily one, should be bright, but unobtrusive. The man should always think “ What a beautiful girl I love!”

Attention signs from other men

How to make a man LOVE YOU

The presence of admirers will always help you to pay his attention to you. Easy flirt with nice guys, friendly attitude towards others, always good mood – and you easily become the subject of soul and sighs of many guys. Including very nice ones. Of course, you do not need them, but to show that you are popular with the opposite sex, will not be superfluous. It will not make your lover postpone decisive step afterward. After all, they will consider: “The woman I love may be withdrawn from under the nose!”

• Let him feel useful

Do not be afraid to ask for help. It is well-known that a man should preserve, protect, defend a woman, as well as simplify her life. Earlier this purpose manifested in the form of caught mammoths, killed enemies and built huts. In this age of the evolutionary development of man can manifest his inner essence only through the assistance provided to you. So do not hesitate to contact the man every time you can not start the engine, you have the broken faucet in the bathroom or you need someone to move the cupboard. By helping you, a man will feel his importance, that will automatically increase his self-esteem and make your interaction more comfortable and enjoyable.

More time for him, not for work

Do not dedicate all your time only to the work. Do not show the man, how important to you is your job and your earning of money. The man would suddenly become an owner, and egoist, requiring maximum attention. He is ready to give you some money, if only you were close to him.

• Housekeeping


Demonstrate the man your householding skills. After waiting for an opportunity to invite a man to your home, cook him your best dish. Of course, your home must be in perfect order, and you must prepare the dish really fragrantly and make it delicious. Your task is to show the man that successful business lady – this is not your only one role in life, and you may become a wonderful wife and a good housekeeper.

Avoiding rudeness

Do not be rude. Rudeness – is not fashionable decoration. No one likes it. Even the roughest men of the planet. Paradoxically, they (men) can afford an obscene expression, and rudeness in communication, but if they see it, “departing” from the lips of a woman – a view may be changed radically and instantly.

man fall in love with you?

And finally, the most important thing. Never press down on the guy, do not try to make him fall in love with you. Remember: it is simply impossible! He is free to choose what he wants. In addition, people can not always control their feelings. Not for nothing, it is said that love cannot be forced. If your romance began- it’s great, if nothing happened in your relationship-don’t worry. Your true happiness is waiting for you later.


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