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Good day Queens,am tired of hearing guys complain about some girls having smelly fishy vaginally odour, eeeeewwww….if you can buy hair of 20k and above, you can as well take care of yourself I mean your vagina!!!
Here are what you can do and its not expensive, thank me later tho??
1.Wash your vagina daily with WATER not soap twice daily at least morning and night
2.Learn to change your sanitary pad frequently during your period even if you have lighter flow…stale pad during period will introduce bad odour….stop doing Ijebu?
3.Avoid excess processed sugar such as carbonated drinks I.e softsdrinks, eat fruit instead
4.Drink enough water daily i.e stay hydrated
5.Wear pantyliners incase you’re having discharge during ovulation…pantyliners will save your pant from discoloration.
6.Wash your panties well; separate normal pants from period pants…invest in cotton pant….reduce your number of g-string if you have discharge alot,  it will stick on your clothing rather than your gstring
7.Steam your vagina after period. Boil two cups of water, add fresh lemon not lime please, add grated fresh garlic and ginger, steam for 10mins then bring it down, pour inside a bathing bucket and add two spoonfuls of salt, sit on it however you can handle the heat, do this every month and you will send me gratitude offering
8.Clean from front to back and not otherwise
9.SHAVE!!!shave your vaginal area, let it be clean. Dirt can cling on hairs.
10.Change your pant at least four times a year since its easy for us to change our weaves weekly we shouldn’t be wearing same set of pants for a year kilodean and please moist is not good for pants…Airdry your pant!!!
11.I personally dont joke with fruits especially pineapple….pineapple is a great fruit…eat this fruit 3-4hours before you meet your man, it makes you taste sweet to the person??
12.Pocket tissues is a must carry for you anywhere you go…using public tissues to wipe is dangerous!!!
13.Finally,  visit a gynaecologist when you notice abnormal smell… Do papsmears and vaginal swab every year…Treat yourself if you’re diagnosed of yeast or bacterial infection,….Dont ignore it!!!

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Now Queens for your reign to be perfect, y’all need to practice this religiously…trust me the confidence will be 101%…Dont forget to send your testimonies?

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